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  1. Judaism
  2. Two types of Location
  3. What document protects the human rights
  4. What line runs at 0 degrees longitude
  5. Country Obama is sending 30,000 more troops
  1. a Prime Meridian
  2. b
    Declaration of Human Rights
  3. c
    Relative and Absolute
  4. d
    Oldest of the Middle East Religions
  5. e Afghanistan

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  1. Greece
  2. Incas

  3. Torah

  4. Plague
  5. 25 million

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  1. Five Pillars are...Fasting, Prayer, Go to Mecca, One God, Give to the Poor


  2. Conquistadors were from this country


  3. Country where invisible children were fromAfghanistan


  4. What line runs at 0 degrees latitudePrime Meridian


  5. What do you call someone that uses fear and violence against other to make a political statement?
    Declaration of Human Rights