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  1. Person who flees to seek safety
  2. Birthplace of modern civilization
  3. Where did most Gladiators come from?
  4. Judaism
  5. Two groups fighting in Israel
  1. a
    Oldest of the Middle East Religions
  2. b
  3. c
  4. d
  5. e Israel and Palestinians

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  1. Fasting, Prayer, Go to Mecca, One God, Give to the Poor
  2. Prime Meridian

  3. Relative and Absolute

  4. Mecca
  5. Military/Roads/Government

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  1. Name of European time period called the rebirthRenaissance


  2. Jesus
    Oldest of the Middle East Religions


  3. Year United Nations began1945


  4. This is at the center of MeccaIraq


  5. What direction do latitude lines measure?North and South