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  1. Holy book of Christianity
  2. Judaism
  3. What line runs at 0 degrees longitude
  4. What document protects the human rights
  5. Year United Nations began
  1. a
  2. b
    Declaration of Human Rights
  3. c Prime Meridian
  4. d
    Oldest of the Middle East Religions
  5. e 1945

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  1. Incas

  2. Mecca
  3. Israel and Palestinians

  4. Central Figure in Christianity
  5. Greece,Rome,Middle Ages, Renaissance, Enlightenment

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  1. Gave the Torah to the JewsFasting, Prayer, Go to Mecca, One God, Give to the Poor


  2. Strengths of Romans?Military/Roads/Government


  3. Holy book of Islam


  4. Holy book Judaism


  5. Birthplace of modern civilization
    Relative and Absolute


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