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  1. What document protects the human rights
  2. Culture is...
  3. Holy book Judaism
  4. How many Pillars of Islam are there?
  5. Name of European time period called the rebirth
  1. a 5
  2. b
    Declaration of Human Rights
  3. c
  4. d Everything you have, think and do
  5. e Renaissance

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  1. Slavery
  2. Israel and Palestinians
  3. Military/Roads/Government
  4. Judaism, Christianity, Islam
  5. Location/Place/Human Environment Interaction/Movement/Regions

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  1. What line runs at 0 degrees latitude


  2. Five Pillars are...Everything you have, think and do


  3. Birthplace of modern civilization
    Relative and Absolute


  4. Name of "devils on horseback" in Darfur


  5. Where is the Fertile Crescent?Iraq