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Council of Trent

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Dates for the Council of Trent
Three purposes of the Council of Trent
1. to bring back Protestants to the Church
2. to state Catholic teaching clearly
3. to address the issue of abuses in the Church
Pope who called the 1st session of the Council of Trent
Pope Paul III
Transubstantiation means
the bread and wine are substantially changed at the Consecration of the Mass to become the Body and Blood of Christ, although the appearance remains the same
book of prayers of the Liturgy of the Hours
book of instructions and prayers for Mass
book that contains the teachings of the Catholic Church
teaching body of the Church, made up of bishops with the Pope, who retain the Traditions of the Church
what is revealed by God, that is not specifically stated in Scripture
Sola Fide
Belief that faith in God alone gives salvation
God's free and unmerited gift of his love to us
sanctifying grace
grace given to us through the sacraments
actual grace
grace given to us directly for help in our daily lives
Areas of work of the Council of Trent
discipline, doctrine and devotion
Number of Sacraments declared by the Council of Trent
Official canon of Scriptures for Catholics
the Vulgate
Areas of devotion addressed by the Church
1. devotion to Mary
2. Devotion in the Mass to the Eucharist
3. Devotion to personal prayer
4. spiritual direction for growth in holiness
5. the beauty of the Church as a means of deepening faith