19 terms

Chapter 11

Which of the following values is the recommended maximum percentage of disk space you should use for best reliability?
Which of the following is a file extension that indicates the file type of application in a Windows environment?
Which of the following is a database of information about the Windows operating system including customized settings and software installations?
Which of the following is NOT true about using the ping utility?
cannot work through routers
Which of the following is a partial backup that backs up files with the archive attribute and then removes the archive attribute on those files?
You manage a server that users store their document files on. You are finding that some users are utilizing more space than they should with some very large files. What can you do to prevent users from taking up too much space on the server?
set up disk quotas
Which of the following is a true statement about rotating backup media?
can protect against media failure
You have used Windows Performance monitor and you are trying to locate the files created by this application. What is the name of the folder where Windows store the results of Windows performance tests?
Perf Logs
You find that disk operations on your server have gradually gotten slower. You look at the hard disk light and it seems to be almost constantly active and the disk seems noisier than when you first installed the system. What is the likely problem?
the disk is fragmented
Which of the following is NOT a good rule to follow when creating a file structure?
create a folder for deleted files to be stored temporarily
Which of the following is a general rule you should consider when configuring a page/swap file?
the initial size should be set to 1.5 times the amount of RAM
Which command should you run on a Windows system to check for and fix problems with the file system?
Which of the following is a method to defragment a hard disk?
backup the disk and do a full restore
Which of the following RAID configurations uses disk striping and includes the ability to replace a failed drive and rebuild the RAID without shutting down the server?
If you analyze your disk and find that most of the files are stored contiguously on the disk, what should you do?
If your Mac OS system displays a message indicating it is low on memory, which of the following is NOT a remedy to this memory fragmentation problem?
plug in a USB flash drive
Which software RAID levels do Windows server OSs provide?
Raid 0,1,5
Files used in Web browsing called __________, can contain specialized information for accessing particular websites.
Disk _______________ slows down access to files due to excessive movement of the read/write heads.