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To prepare yeast breads, which method speeds the mixing time and shortens kneading time?
In the "Sixty Minute" Yeast Rolls recipe, what is the purpose of covering the bowl and setting it in a pan of water at 98°F?
To allow for fermentation
If yeast bread is golden brown with rough crust and the interior has chunks of flour, what quality is the product?
The Cool Rise Bread recipe calls for 2 packages of yeast to prepare 2 loaves. How many packages of yeast are needed to prepare 6 loaves?
When using the microwave oven to bake yeast bread, it will:
lack a crisp, brown crust.
Which kneading time for a yeast bread would result in a tough bread product?
20 minutes
Which type of flour contains the largest amount of gluten and produces the strongest and most elastic gluten?
Bread flour
Which is not a leavening agent?
Oven spring causes bread to:
The first step to defrost frozen yeast dough in the microwave is to:
microwave 1 cup of water for 3- 5 minutes, until boiling
The baker is preparing refrigerator dough for yeast rolls. Which mixing method should be chosen if the baker does not want to knead the dough?
In a recipe that calls for double-acting baking powder, at what point during the preparation will the most carbon dioxide be released?
What helps identify when the fermentation process of a yeast bread recipe is complete?
Doubles in size
Why must yeast dough be punched down?
Release some carbon dioxide
During fermentation, yeast breads form alcohol. What happens to this alcohol?
Evaporates during baking
In the "Sixty-Minute" Yeast Rolls recipe, which ingredient is agent?
Active dry yeast
If yeast bread consistently yields a product that has a heavy texture, what is the most likely cause?
Too short proofing time
What is true about the use of fat in yeast breads?
Increases tenderness
Which ingredient in a yeast bread recipe hydrates the other ingredients?
Which is the last step to be completed when proofing dough in the microwave?
Microwave on low power for 1 minute, let stand in oven for 15 minutes.
What is the difference between liquids used in traditional yeast breads and liquids used in bread machine yeast breads?
Traditional uses warm liquids and bread machine uses liquids at room temperature.
Instructions for a yeast bread recipe say to break any gas bubbles. What causes the bubbles to develop?
The bakery attendant is preparing a yeast bread recipe that calls for the use of baking soda as a leavening agent. What type of leavening agent is produced by the baking soda?
What happened to a yeast bread product that is dry and crumbly?
Oven temperature too low
What is the correct temperature for liquids when mixing dry and liquid ingredients together to make yeast bread?
What is the proper technique for measuring flour?
Spoon flour into measuring cup
The texture or consistency of the yeast rolls is fine, with even grain. What is the quality of the yeast rolls' texture?
What most likely happened to a yeast bread product that has too much volume?
Too little salt
Which nutrients give baked products their structure?
Protein and starch
What is the appropriate temperature for liquid to dissolve yeast?
Which ratio of bread flour to whole grain flour is recommended for a recipe being adapted?
2 parts bread flour to 1 part whole grain flour
Which yeast bread shape is baked using a special fluted pan?
What is the most likely result of leaving out salt from a yeast bread recipe to the final product?
High volume and rounded and bumpy
If a yeast bread recipe calls for 2 teaspoons of baking powder, what ingredients may be used as a substitution?
1 teaspoon baking soda + 1 teaspoon cream of tartar
The bakery chef is testing the use of a variety of fruits in a new yeast bread recipe. The fruit causes extra moisture in the dough. What will the end product be?
Doughy interior
What is the most likely reason a consumer would not own an automatic bread machine?
High initial cost
When shaping yeast dough, which is the most complex?
What adjustment is needed when using bread flour in a yeast bread recipe?
Requires a second rising
What adjustment should be made if an egg is added to a recipe for yeast breads?
Decrease the amount of liquid by 1/4 cup
If additional ingredients not listed in a recipe, like nuts or dried fruit, are added to yeast bread prior to baking, what is most likely the result?
Longer rising time
Which yeast bread is made in a muffin pan?
Which roll shape is made by flattening the dough, cutting it into triangles, and then rolling it up?
The writing tip is used to make:
flower stems
Which is a good technique to frost a cake?
Keep the frosting bowl covered
If a layer cake has a hump in the center:
remove the hump from both layers with a bread knife.
Which type of cake has the characteristics of both shortened and unshortened cakes?
How can a smooth finish be created on a frosted cake?
Dip the spatula in warm water.
How should cakes be prepared for freezer storage?
Wrap the cake with plastic, and place it in an airtight plastic bag.
Cake batter for an 8" round pan should be scaled to a weight of how many ounces?
A shortened cake should be cooled in the pan:
for 10 minutes, then removed and placed on a wire rack.
What mixing method is used if the recipe says to cream the sugar and fat?
How is a linear effect most consistently achieved when decorating a cake?
By applying even pressure
Which type of cake would most likely require that you grease and flour the bottom and sides of the pan to prepare them for baking?
Yellow butter cake
The ingredients for a wedding cake cost $60.00, and the cake will serve 100 guests. What is the unit cost of each serving?
What equipment and technique should be used to cut an unshortened cake?
Bread knife using a sawing action
What is true about cooked frostings?
They are prepared using principles of candy making
All cooked frostings contain:
heated sugar syrup
How should an angel food cake be cooled after baking?
Upside down in the pan on the neck of a bottle
Which is the most appropriate icing for a dense cake?
Fudge-type icing
If a layer cake has a hump in the center, when baking the next cake:
lower the oven temperature 25°F
How many 2" x 2" servings of cake can be cut from an 18" x 26" cake?
Which is not an appropriate technique for filling pans for an unshortened cake?
Tap the pan on the counter to remove air bubbles
How full should the decorator bag be filled when decorating a cake?
No more than one-half full
What ingredient makes an angel food cake rise?
Beaten egg whites
What action prevents frosting from sticking to the knife as a cake is being sliced?
Dip the knife into water between each slice
A well made angel food cake should have a:
large volume with a tender, moist interior
Which statement about making foam cakes is false?
They are removed from the pan for cooling
A high quality shortened cake will have a:
rounded top, with thin, evenly brown crust
How should single servings of cake be packaged for sale?
Placed in an air-tight container
A thin layer of frosting should be applied to a cake before it is decorated because it will:
secure loose crumbs
Which cake filling/frosting should not be refrigerated?
How should the cake be prepared prior to applying frosting?
Brush off loose crumbs
Pound cakes are different from other shortened cakes because they do not contain:
chemical leavener
Which is a recommended method for determining when a cake is done?
Insert a toothpick
When a foam cake is done, it will:
cling to the sides of the pan
The unit cost for each serving of cake is 40¢. If the cake will be sold with a 50% markup, the retail price will be how much per serving?
How are chiffon cakes different from unshortened cakes?
Contain fat
Which is a high-fat alternative to frosting?
Whipped cream
Which is a low-fat frosting alternative?
Fruit sauce
When substituting applesauce for the fat in a recipe, which nutrient is increased?
Which fat substitute keeps the fat content of a recipe the same?
What substitution would lower the fat content of the Yellow Cake recipe?
Skim milk for the whole milk
What is an expected result of lowering the fat content of a cake recipe?
Less tender
Which cake has the lowest saturated fat content?
When would a baker omit the baking powder and salt from a recipe?
When substituting self-rising flour for cake flour
When substituting all-purpose flour for two cups of cake flour in a cake recipe, what adjustment should be made?
Reduce by 4 tablespoons
As compared to other types of flour, how will cake flour affect the final product?
Make it more delicate and tender
Which cake is lowest in calories?
Which cake filling will add the fewest calories and fat grams?
Peach puree
What ingredients are combined to create a simple buttercream?
Solid shortening, powdered sugar, and milk
Which statement about cake decorating trends is false?
Decorative trends typically involve changes in basic techniques
Which ingredient combination is used in French buttercream?
Beaten egg yolks and butter
Which method will not help the decorator adapt to current decorating trends?
Use one design, with color variations
What ingredients are combined to prepare a Swiss buttercream?
Swiss meringue and butter
What ingredients are combined to prepare German buttercream?
Butter, emulsified shortening, and fondant