20 terms

Chapter 10

Which of the following is NOT a function of a directory service?
decentralizes user management
Which of the following is the correct syntax for specifying a shared folder on a server in Windows?
Which permission to a folder should you give a user if that user should be able to create files but not read or execute files in that folder?
You need to create a user on your Red Hat Enterprise Linux system. What command should you use?
A user is complaining that he cannot open a file in a shared folder. He is able to open other files in the same shared folder. Which of the following could be the problem?
he has Read sharing permission but has a Deny permission on the file
You manage a multi-domain network, DomainA, DomainB, and DomainC. You have users from each domain that must have permission to a shared folder in DomainB. Which of the following represents the correct method of assigning these users permissions?
Create a Universal group. Add the users from the domains to the Universalgroup and add the Universal group to the share permissions list
You have shared a folder on a Windows server that is a part of a domain. You need to assign permissions to users so they can access the shared folder. Which type of group will you use to make the permissions assignment?
Domain Local
Which account feature can be configured to prevent a user from logging in after incorrectly entering the password a number of times?
Accounting lockout
You have just successfully created a user named acoulter on your Red Hat Enterprise Linux system. You left the password blank so the user can easily log on and create her own password. The user calls you and informs you she cannot logon. She has tried several times and has used a blank password but still cannot logon. What is likely to be the problem?
the account is disabled
Which of the following is NOT included in the Linux password (/etc/passwd) file?
user permissions
You have a multi-domain Windows Server 2008 forest. You need to make a shared folder available to users from several domains. What type of group should you create to add the users to and assign permissions to the resource?
Which of the following is a valid permission in the Linux file system?
Which of the following permissions should you set on a shared printer in Windows to allow a junior administrator to configure the properties of the printer?
Manage printers
You are explaining to a colleague how to make a shared resource available on a Linux file system. Which of the following terms best describes what you should tell him?
mount a volume
Which of the following is true about permissions on an NTFS volume?
a file that is moved to another volume inherits the parent folder's permissions
You need to specify which clients are allowed to access files on a UNIX/Linux system using NFS. What should you do?
edit the /etc/hosts.allow file
Global groups are used to hold user accounts while domain local groups are used to hold Global groups and provide access to resources.
Which of the following password security options enables the server to 'remember' a user's previous passwords?
Enforce password history
Windows computers can make a shared drive look like a local drive by mapping.
You need to assign the read and execute permission to a folder named /docs/acctg to other. Which of the following commands does this?
chmod o +rx /docs/acctg