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December 2012

A blood bank is also referred to as


the pbt has orders to draw a K+ on a patient awaiting dialysis and proceeds to the following division:


pbt has just completed centriuging specimens for the chemistry department and notes that one of the tubes is cloudy and pinkish red. This specimen is

lipemic and hemolyzed

this test will be delivered to immunology for testing


physician calls the lab requesting the procedure for a patient who wishes to donate his own blood before his surgery. this type of donation is knowns as:

Autologous donation

analysis of the chemical components of blood

the basic purpose of the chemistry department:

pbt is processing speciments received for lead testing and is preparing them to be delivered to which departments?


health maintenance organization (HMO)

functions as a full-service outpatient clinic

pbt returns to lab with a specimen for cross-match or compatibility testing and delivers it to


required specimen for the occult blood test is:


A patient is recovering from deep vein thrombosis and the doctor wishes to access the rate of fibrinolysis. The physician orders which of the following tests?

ALL of the above

A herediatary blood disorder that results in a decreased production of hemoglobin and anemia is:


pbt must draw blood for a STAT glucose, BUN, and electrolytes in ER and deliver it to the lab for testing as the I-Stat instrument is not fxning properly. Which type of sample is most appropriate?

Plasma (green top tube0

a patient has been diagnosed with anemia and the physician wants to assess how well the bone marrow is producing RBC's. The physician requests which of the following test to be drawn and tested?


another term for WBC is


cellular element that plays an impt role in coagulation is


Coagulation testing includes which of the following:


impaired blood flow leading to reduced level or lack of oxygen to a tissue is referred to as:


a patient is admitted to the ER complaining of severe chest pain. All of the following lab test may be ordered to assist in the diagnosis of a myocardial infarct, except:


veins suitable for possible venipuncture in the antecubital area include all of the following:

Brachial veins

A plasma protein that serves to help regulate blood volume by maintaining osmotic pressure and by transporting many different types of molecules is:


a muscular skeletal test includes:

Creatine Kinase

when the body acts to maintain a dynamic steady state, it is referred to as:


the following term means a decrease of red blood cells:


Thrombocytosis means:

increased number of platelets

Agency or Agencies that approve pbt training programs:

National Accrediting Agency of Clinical Laboratory Science (NAACLS)

NPO means

Nothing By Mouth

the suffix in the term hemostasis means:


the difference between arteries and veins is that:

arteries have a thicker muscular wall and are deeper that veins in tissue (hmm..that's what the review says??)

Hyperglycemia is a symptom of which endocrine disorger?

diabetes mellitus

all of the following are common lab tests for the digestive system, except


preventing the spread of infection to patients, health care workers, and visitors requires breaking the chain of infection through use of all of the following except


pbt is about to enter the room of a patient in airborne isolation. which of the following PPE will be needed

Glove, N95 respirator

another name for nosocomial infection is

Health care associated infection

terms that refers to RBCs is


Inflammation of a vein is referred to as:


all manufacturers of hazardous chemicals are required to provide users of hazardous chemicals a __________

MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)

to prevent parenteral exposure to blood borne pathogens during venipuncture procedures, the pbt should not:

hold evacuated tube while transferring blood from syringe into tube

a color-coded, numeric system for indicating the health, flammability, and reactivity hazards of chemicals was developed by:


blue quadrant of the NFPA label lists the relative danger of a chemical in the area of:


OSHA regulation requires that all health care personnel in job classifications where there is exposure to blood and body fluids be offered the opportunity to receive a caccination free of charge or sign a declination form for which of the following infectious agents:


greatest bloodborne pathogen risk to lab employees is:

HBV infection

employee right to know law allows employees to review the

Hazard Communication Standard

Standard Precautions is used in the hospital setting to prevent the spread of HIV and HBV during patient care and applies to all body fluids, except:


as a member of the health care team, the pbt knows the importance of standard of precautions and routinely applies them to the care of:


anatomic and surgical pathology

the main division of the lab that analysis cells and tissues is

analysis of DNA samples is performed in:

Molecular Diagnostics

pbt is called to the ER for blood work on a patient suspected of having an MI. One test that will most likely be drawn is


accreditation of labs is a fxn of which of the following....


standards and guidelines for laboratory patient testing are set forth by:


most common microbiology tests are....

culture and sensitivity (C&S)

pbt is working in specimen processing and notices tha tone of the specimens is a dark yellow color after centrifugation and states that the specimen is


Urinanalyis testing includes all of the following except:


newborn born with severe anemia and the pbt has collected a specimen for a direct antibody test (Coombs) to be delivered immediately to:

blood bank/immunohematology

Pbt has received a specimen for chromosomal studies and delivers it to which lab dept?


pbt is working in the outpatient dept and has an order for a patient who routinely faints when his/her blood is drawn. The best practice to employ for this patient is to:

put the patient in the room with a reclining chair or bed

most commonly used antiseptic in routine venipuncture is:

70% isopropyl alcohol

The following antiseptic should not be used on infants under the age of two months:

Chlorhexidine Gluconate

pbt decides to use a winged infusion set and small volume tubes on an accident victim who is bleeding internally and will be transferred to surgery as soon as the draw is completed. He carefully draws the coagulation test, chemistry and a CBC, in that order and delivers them to the lab for testing. There appears to be a problem with the coagulation results:

tube not completely full due to air space in the length of the tubing

The use of anticoagulant will yield which type of blood specimen?

whole blood and serum

Antiglycolytics include which of the following

Sodium Flouride

pbt has a request from the blood bank to draw a nonadditive tube on a specific patient in addition to the pink top tube. The tube selected is:

Red Glass

Clot activators include all of the following except:


pbt has an order for a routine CBC, metabolic panel, and a blood typing. The pbt will select which of the following sets of tubes:

Gold, Lavendar, Pink

pbt is in the midst of a diff. pre-op for a CBC, PT, PTT, and electrolytes. After placing the last tube holder, the pbt picks up the previous two tubes to continue inversions and notices that the PT/PTT tube did not completely fill. The proper course of action is to:

draw an appropriate discard tube first and then collect the PT, PTT

The pbt is preparing to go to several of the nursing homes to collect routine blood draws for glucose and CBC's on several patients and will be gone for the morning. The following tube will be used to draw the glucose:

Gray (Flouride - -preservative)

Which of the following tests must be drawn first?


Blood tests that may be affected by leaving the tourniquet on greater than one minute include all of the following except:


When inspecting the antecubital fossa to select a vein for venipunture, the order of selection is:

Median cubital, Cephalic, Basilica

After the need is removed, pressure should be applied until:

Platelet plug forms

All of the following test analytes are higher in venous blood than capillary blood, except:


During the course of a 5 hour glucose tolerance test, the pbt began having diff. getting a venous sample and switched over to dermal punctures to finish out the later three glucose tests. The pbt decision:

Compromises the test interpretation venous glucose levels are lower than capillary levels.

The term "bullet" in blood collection refers to:

Microcollection Tubes

The composition of capillary blood includes:

venous and arterial

Screening test that involves the vascular system and platet fxn to assess the overall integrity of primary hemostasis

bleeding time

An abnormal bleeding time test may indicate all of the following except:

secondary hemostasis disorder

A patient who requires a blood alchol level has a wrist band confirming an allergy to iodine, what is the proper cleansing agent to use?

Chlorhexidine Gluconate

pbt must redraw a patient that was reported to be a difficult draw due to veins that collapse during venipuncture. Which of the following techniques could the pbt use to minimize the likelihood of collapsing a vein?

Threading the needle up into the vein

You must redraw a patient for a potassium level because the first specimen was hemolyzed. Knowing that the patient is a difficult draw, which of the following would you do to prevent hemolysis of the sample?

use a winged infusion needle for a routine venipuncture

Which of the following analytes would not be affected by hemolysis?


Which of the following tests are not affected by the patient's position?


Bright red blood is spurting into the tube causing you to suspect thta you may have punctured an artery during your venous draw. How should you proceed?

Complete the draw and label the specimen arterial

Small, nonraised red spots that appear on the skin when the tourniquet is applied are known as ________


Povidone-Iodine is not recommended for cleansing the site for dermal puncture when collecting which of the following tests?

Biliruben (Liver)

Which of the following represents the correct ratio of plasma to red blood cells in newborns?

40% plasma, 60% red blood cells

A 4 yr old outpatient requires a blood draw for collection of a CBC and venous blood gases. The child had been crying excessingly before your arrival. Which of the following lab values may be elevated because of prolonged stress or crying by an infant or child if you were to proceed with the draw?

Both A and B

When drawing blood from a patient arm containing an IV, which of the following is true?

pbt must identify the draw location on the requisition

The purpose of the Allen Test before collection of an arterial blood gas is to:

Assess collateral circulation in the radial artery

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