paschal mystery mattingly midterm


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a relationship, our response to God who seeks us
asking god to provide what we need materially or spiritually
praise prayer
acknowledges that god is god and gives him glory
mental prayer
conversing w/ or reflecting on God, sometimes leading into contemplation (a form of silent, wordless prayer where we rest in God's presence)
good ends can be achieved as a direct result of evil
passion narratives
all four of the gospels that tell the story of Jesus' suffering and death
the disorder whereby a person experiences pleasure in mistreating or inflicting pain on oneself
moral evil
evils that people cause harm and for which the human individuals are responsible
social evil
the wrongful behaviors of people as a group -whether a small social group of a block of nations
our emotional, psychological, or spiritual distress experiencing pain injury or loss
giving up something valued: giving up something valuable or important for somebody or something else considered to be of more value or importance
death or intense suffering experienced due to one's beliefs
natural/physical evil
those which result in physical harm to human person from the workings of nature and the operation of natural laws or forces
vocal prayer
prayer expressed in words, we do as Jesus taught in the Our Father individually or in a group
and event where Jesus rose from the dead
meditation prayer
prayerful reflection, especially on the Word of God in scripture, using our thoughts, emotions, imaginations, and desires to "tune into god"
the disorder whereby a person a person experiences pleasures in mistreating or inflicting pain on oneself
Paschal Mystery
the work of salvation accomplished by Jesus Christ through his life, suffering, death, resurrection, and ascension
Power of Goodness
God's grace that will triumph
redemptive love
Agape in Greek, love that is willing to give everything- even one's own life- for the sake of redeeming, saving, or setting free another person
obstacles in prayer
we find it hard to stay at home, what we do is who we are, we live in a world that expects instant results, resist reacting to emotions, want to control our lives and world, hard to live in present moment
benefits of prayer
prayer contributes to our sense of self-worth,prayer leads to happiness, prayer changes us, prayer nourishes us in the virtues, prayer energizes, calms and renews, heals, prayer helps relieve anxiety, prayer deepens our relationship w/ the Triune god
misconceptions (myths) about prayer
need to pray a certain length of time, need to pray everyday like we are on retreat, need to be in a certain state or place to pray, there is an ideal way to pray, prayer always equals consolation
catholic belief about the nature of evil
it doesn't make logical sense to conceive God as a partly evil cause of suffering
who was the first follower to see Jesus after the resurrection?
Mary Magdalene
broken window theory
a theory wherein it is hypothesized that neighborhoods in disrepair signals higher criminal activity and crime is tolerated
passion events
Jesus enters Jerusalem, has the last supper, garden of Gethsemane, trial before Sanhedrin, trial before Pilate, scourging, crucifixion, death of Jesus
gospels that tell the suffering of Jesus Christ
Matthew, Mark, Luke, John
most universally recognizable symbol of Christianity, however it did not become a Christian symbol right away, it is multivalent
stages of grief
denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance
describe in detail how to pray the labyrinth
stand at the beginning of the labyrinth and clear your mind, start walking at your own pace and reflect on God, become aware of your breathing, reach the center and pray, walk the same way out the way you walked in
know some small sacrifices in your life and how they are reflective of Christ's sacrifice
I have to sacrifice my energy to do my chores and that is reflects Christ's sacrifice because were both giving things that we need to fit other people's needs
ways Jesus taught us to pray
Sermon on the Mount, Lord's Prayer, 40 days in the desert, before making important decisions, after performing miracles, at transfiguration, last supper, in the garden of gethsemane, and on the cross
how was Jesus aware of his fate
he did not deny death, he showed resistance in the battle with hatred
moral evil act
intentional and you know that you're doing it
someone in spitfire grill who reminds you of Jesus and why
Percy because she gave her life for something
liturgical calendar
advent, Christmas, lent, Easter, ordinary time
preparing for the coming of Christ
celebrating the coming of Christ
time of offering and giving
celebrating the resurrection
ordinary time
the time in the church where there are no major feasts
Refusing to believe or even perceive painful realities
feeling that make you want to attack whatever caused your loss
offering something in hopes that either the incident didn't occur or that the painful feelings are eased
intense feelings of self-worth periods of inactivity, low functionality, extreme sadness
you have reached a spot or level of understanding where you can now deal w/ your lost