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  1. usurer
  2. putrid
  3. collaborator
  4. rigorous
  5. edifice
  1. a someone who works and schemes with another
  2. b large building or organization
  3. c person who lends money and charges interest
  4. d severe, harsh as in rules or discipline
  5. e rotten

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  1. people who intercede
  2. to remain floating or lingering in a certain place
  3. high voice
  4. to turn away; to ward off
  5. in a self-satisfied, unconcerned manner

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  1. reputedreported or supposed to be


  2. belligerentin a hostile or stubborn manner


  3. allayto lessen fear or doubt


  4. decrepitdeprived


  5. strifebanish, excluded by general conscent


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