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  1. inured
  2. pugnacious
  3. inveigle
  4. mollified
  5. forerunner
  1. a used to something unpleasant due to prolonged exposure
  2. b lead astray or won over by deceitful flattery
  3. c combative; belligerent; ready for a fight
  4. d indication of something to follow
  5. e calmed or soothed

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  1. evil spirit or demon; wicked person
  2. mutual
  3. to make repayment; retaliation
  4. lacking sense, worthless
  5. incapable of being counted

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  1. presageprediction of foreboding; premonition


  2. adversaryto turn away; to ward off


  3. amityto lessen fear or doubt


  4. brusquelyabrupt and curt in manner


  5. contentiousquarrelsome; controversial