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  1. dulcet
  2. reputed
  3. enmity
  4. avert
  5. suffice
  1. a deep rooted, often mutual hatred
  2. b enough to satisfy needs or purposes
  3. c reported or supposed to be
  4. d pleasant to the eye, taste or feeling
  5. e to turn away; to ward off

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  1. to perplex or confuse
  2. without respect; in a disdainful manner
  3. teacher
  4. twisted out of shape
  5. someone who works and schemes with another

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  1. seigneursa lord


  2. qualmsan uneasy feeling, doubts


  3. masquemasked ball; aristocratic entertainment


  4. grotesquewithout charge or payment; free


  5. jeerquiet or sedate in manner; temperate