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  1. inured
  2. transcend
  3. dulcet
  4. suffice
  5. collaborator
  1. a rise above; go beyond
  2. b someone who works and schemes with another
  3. c pleasant to the eye, taste or feeling
  4. d used to something unpleasant due to prolonged exposure
  5. e enough to satisfy needs or purposes

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  1. laughter; light-hearted amusement
  2. people who intercede
  3. speaker's platform
  4. banish, excluded by general conscent
  5. phantom; apparition

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  1. enmitydeep rooted, often mutual hatred


  2. flouncedmove in a bouncy way


  3. requitereported or supposed to be


  4. incognitodeep rooted, often mutual hatred


  5. avertto turn away; to ward off