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  1. seigneurs
  2. bindle
  3. meager
  4. mused
  5. strife
  1. a a lord
  2. b engaged in meditation
  3. c bitter conflict; struggle or clash
  4. d deficient in quantity or fullness
  5. e bundle; usually of bedding and possessions

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  1. incapable of being counted
  2. people who intercede
  3. short statements of truth
  4. speaker's platform
  5. praise in writing of a deceases person

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  1. virtuousused to something unpleasant due to prolonged exposure


  2. blasebundle; usually of bedding and possessions


  3. requiteto make repayment; retaliation


  4. loathaccustomed; custom, habit


  5. ostracizebanish, excluded by general conscent