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History Final

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The most important advances in industrialization in the U.S.___
Last 1/3 of the nineteenth centruy.
The development of the nation railway system.
led to an integrated national railway system.
The most importan figure in American finance
J.P. Morgan
First billion dollar company
U.S. Steel
The first modern Trust
Standard oil
Two most importan developments of the nineteenth century
The telephone and the lightbulb
The development of brand names, chain stores, and mail order houses
provided convenience and standardization
Unlike the knights of Labor, the american federation of labor
emphasized economic goals for workers
Which of the following was NOT a factor in American industrial development.
Industrialization of the south after civil war
What does it mean to say some professions became femonized during the late 1800's
As more women took jobs in certain field, women left them and this lowered the status of these professions.
What was the result of the Haymaker riots
It weakened the national labor movement.
what was the result of the homestead strike.
It bought national attention to the cost of industrialization
The rise of cities and industry
caused changes in all segments of the American society.
Building the new Skyscrapers depended on
Steel and Glass.
The victorian code of morality
strict standards of behavior should be followed.
A founder of the national womens suffrage association was
Susan B. Anthony
A major difference between northern and southern schools was that
fewer southern states had compulsory attendance laws.
Booker T. Washington
believed that self-help was the best plan for African Americans
W.E.B. Du Bois
believed educational advancement was the key to success
What was a result of Jim Crow laws?
racial segregation across the South
Why did reformers turn their attention to prohibiting the sale of alcohol
They believed that drunkenness was the cause of many social evils.
Social Gospel was
a religious philosophy that addressed both spiritual and social concerns .
What was the result of Plessy v. Ferguson
Segregation of schools and public transportation deemed legal.
Why were many women part of the settlement house reform movement.
It was one of the few places in the American society in which they could use their talents
How did the role of children in American society change in the late nineteenth century
Children were viewed less as little adults
Lincoln Steffens did much of his researhc and writing about____
corruption in city government
What theory did Henry Ford use to derive his companys enormous revenues?
Sell large volume goods with a small unit profit
Which disaster forced states and national attention to working condition in factories and stores
Triangle Shirtwaist fire
The orginization that led the firght for equal rights blacks was__
The violence found in ___ established NCAA
The Ashcan school of artist
tried to reflect the reality of urban life.
How did industrialization change as it moved into the twentieth century
Businesses grew larger and more automated, which effected both workers and production
Henry ford and assembly
Ford improved on the meat packing industry's design
Frederick Taylors management methods
Workers had to meet specific work standards, which often led to high pay for doing monotonous jobs
What methods were used by unions to achieve their goals
Strikes, leading to negotations
In the early 1900's why did the middle class have a strong effect on production
The growing middle class had influence as consumers of mass-produced goods
The muckrackers and progressives disagreed on what to reform first and how to do it but NOT on
The need for reform
How did mexican immigration in the early 1900's contribute to the change in the SW
Many became unskilled workers
18th Amendment
19th Amendment
women's suffrage
To progressives, the comissions they championed offered a way to___
end the corrupt alliance between business and politics
The supreme court's decision in the Northern Securities case
paved the way for several anti-trust actions
Upton sinclairs, The Jungle led to the passage of__
Meat inspection act
Woodrow Wilsons new Freedom called for___
Business competition and small government
in 1912 Roosevelts new nationalism
demanded a stronger role for the executive office
The most important domestic law passed during Wilson's administration was the
Federal Reserve Act
In the final analysis, Wilsons domestic programs indicated____
a blending of the two competing doctrines of progressivism
How did social reform during the early 1900's differ from the reforms of previous eras
During previous eras social refrom had been more simplistic and directed to one particular problem during the early 1900's reformers saw problems as complex and interrelated
How did city governments become more like business during the early 1900's
The created systems of managers supported by experts, stressing continuity and results
What is NOT true about progressives
They sought to eliminate large corporations and businesses
What gave the U.S. the right to intervene in Latin America?
Roosevelt Corollary
Taft's policy of dollar diplomacy
used economic means to increase American influence worldwide
The Zimmerman Telegram____.
propsed an alliance between Germany and Mexico
As a result in their war efforts African Americans'
were more and more inclined to fight discrimination
What best describes Wilsons success in promoting the League of nations
was offset by problems in other industries, such as railroads
The______ exemplified the flowering of African American Culte of the 20's
Harlem Renaissance
The immigration legislation of the 1920's
was the most enduring achievement of the rural counterattack
John scopes was put on trial for
teaching evolution in a Tennessee HS
What was the significance of Fords Highland Park Plant
It marked the maturity of mass production in Merica'
In what way can Jazz age Activities be seen as an effect of the economic growth period
Increased standards of living prohibited the middle class with disposable income to spend on and increasing variety of things
What did the Red scare reveal about our society
There was a deep undercurrent of intolerance and bigotry
Which of the following best characterizes U.S. after WWI
the united states emerged from the war as one of the powerful nations of the world
The social and economic effects of the Depression
hit the middle class especially hard
Roosevelts' Hundred days banking legislation aime to
remedy the banking crisis
Tennessee Valley Authority was designed to ____
bring modernization and jobs to desolate areas of the upper rural south
Young men were hired to clear land, plant tress etccc
Civilian Conservation Corps
Which of the following was advocated by Father Charles Coughlin
The national union for social justice
National Labor Relations (Wagner) Act
granted workers the right to organize and collectively bargain
How did the consumer-goods revolution contribute to the great crash of 1929
The production of durable goods, which did no need to be replaced, outpaced and demand led to wide scale layoffs
Why was the new deal criticized
Many felt Roosevelts programs were not aggressive enough
How did Huey Long's share the wealth movement reflect on the federal govt. efforts to address the Great Depression
A large number of people felt that more should be done for those in trouble
Why did the National Recovery Admin. fail
Labor and management were unable to work together
Why did FDR attempt to pack the supreme court
He wanted to remove the final threat to the new deal
What was the most sig. long-range effect of the New Deal on society
certain programs have become a key part to todays society, Social Security
Axis Power were
Germany, Italy, Japan
What event brought America into WWII
Pearl Harbor
What was the greatest advantage of the Allies
They actually wanted to work together
The FEPC was designed to protect who
D-Day refers to
The day the allies invaded Nazi-occupied Europe
What was the Manhatten Project
Atomic Bomb
How did FDR help GB after France Fell
Traded goods(destroyers) in exchange for land rights
What led both LA and Detroit riots in 1943
Racial Tensions
Trumans primary motive for using Atomic Weapons against Japan
End the wat as quickly as possible
State of the nation after WWII
most powerful country in the world
main argument between America and Soviet Union was____
who would control postwar Europe
Iron Curtain
Separation between East(Soviet) Europe and Western Europe
Kennans containment policy
efforts to stop communism and russian control
Truman Doctrine
Support and nation resisting armed minorities or agression from a foreign power
Marshall PLan proposed
infusing massiv amounts of American capital into Western Europe
Berlin Airlift
Military operation to bring supplies to troops in Berlin
After Soviet exploded first Atomic Bomb
we considered building Hydrogen bomb
advocated a massive expansion of the American Military
Julius and Ethel Rosenburg
were executed for passing American Atomic Secrets
What was the biggest factor in placing the US on a collision course with Soviet Russia
American commitment to stopping spread of communism
What effect did the marshall plan have
Sparked successful financial recovery of Western Europe
NATO formed due to
WEstern powers fear of Soviet agression
What effect did the Formation of NATO have on the cold war
Intensified Russian fear of the west and escalated the Cold War
Nationalist in the Chinese civil war
lost support due to inflation and corruption
one effect of McCarthyism
A political and cultural conformity that discouraged dissent
What group was excluded from the Levittowns
African Americans
Most Sig. Social trend in postwar America
Flight 2 the suburbs
What was crucial to suburb life
An automobile
Dr. Benjamins Spocks book was about
Infant and child care
Dominant social theme of 1950's
Who were the bears
writers and poets who rebelled against materialistic Values
by 1960's most racially integrated institution was
the armed forces
Brown v. Board of ED
said segregation violated the 14th amendment
MLK JR's philosophy
advocated nonviolent and passive resistance
where did theSit-In movement began
Greensboro, NC
Why was the student nonviolent coordinating committee founded
to stage peaceful civil rights protests
Why did some people criticize suburb life
Dislike conformity and uniformity of it.
Govt increased federal funding for science education because of
1950's american contradiction
segregation while denouncing soviets because of their lack of human rights
Because of Brown v. Board of Ed
Slow process of integrating schools began.
Why did Eisenhower send troops to Little Rock,
So the black student could attend desegregated school
Montgomery bus boycott
led to MLK Jr' as a civil rights leader
Political activism change from 50's to 60's
direct peaceful confrontation vs. reliance on court action
Attitude toward religion in the 50;s
positive religious affiliation boomed
postwar life and Women
Many who joined work force returned to wife and mother roles
Major factor why Kennedy beat Nixon
Performance in first televised debate
Failed 1961 operation
The Bay of Pigs
African American prominent post
Thurgood Marshall
1961 Freedom ride was
A protest against the segregated bus system
When Johnson became pres. he focused on
Passing JFK's tax and civil rights bills
Johnsons reform program was called the_____
Great Society
Most prominent student protest group fo the 1960's
Students for a democratic society
Main issue college students protested
the vietnam war
Advocated "Black Power"
Stokely Carmichael
Involved in conflict of N vs. S Vietnam because____
wanted to stop the spread of communism
Johnsons must bear great responsibilities for the American problems in Vietnam
failed to confront the pople about the reality of the war
African American Acitivism 1960's
became more militant
How did African American activism influence other ethnic groups?
They became inspired to launch their own protests'
Moral Majority
a religious fundamentalist group
SALT treaties involved
reduction of U.S. and Soviet missiles
Greatest economic challenge faced by Nixon
Increase in oil prices
First woman on Supreme court
Sandra Day O' Conner
birth of the gay liberation movement
Stonewall riots
side supply economics
That tax cuts will lead to an economic boom
Iran-Contra Affair
a scandal in which the govt tried to sell weapons to both Nigeria and Iran
Why did Nixon resume relations with China
believed it would force better relations with Soviets
Kent State student protested because
The Invasion of Cambodia
Nixon tried to hide his involvement with spying for his campaign
Bill Clinton on gay and lesbian in Military
Don't ask, Dont' Tell
Reagen foreign approach
Soviet Union was a deadly enemy
What influence Reagen and Mikhail Gorbachevs meeting
Gorbachev was interested in making peace
Reagen vs. new deal
thought private sector should solve Americas problems not the Govt.