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A. The investigator must provide public disclosure of the research in the local community

B. An unconscious subject may be enrolled without informed consent, provided the investigator attempts to contact the next of kin, in accordance with the protocol and IRB/IEC approval conditions

C. The sponsor is required to file a separate IND for research

D. All of the above X

21 CFR Part 50.24 Exception from informed consent requirements for emergency research.
(7)Additional protections of the rights and welfare of the subjects will be provided, including, at least: (ii)Public disclosure to the communities in which the clinical investigation will be conducted and from which the subjects will be drawn, prior to initiation of the clinical investigation, of plans for the investigation and its risks and expected benefits; (iii)Public disclosure of sufficient information following completion of the clinical investigation to apprise the community and researchers of the study, including the demographic characteristics of the research population, and its results; (v)If obtaining informed consent is not feasible and a legally authorized representative is not reasonably available, the investigator has committed, if feasible, to attempting to contact within the therapeutic window the subject's family member who is not a legally authorized representative, and asking whether he or she objects to the subject's participation in the clinical investigation. The investigator will summarize efforts made to contact family members and make this information available to the IRB at the time of the continuing review. (d)Protocols involving an exception to the informed consent requirement under this section must be performed under a separate investigational new drug application (IND) or investigational device exemption (IDE) that clearly identifies such protocols as protocols that may include subjects who are unable to consent. The submission of those protocols in a separate IND/IDE is required even if an IND for the same drug product or an IDE for the same device already exists. Applications for investigations under this section may not be submitted as amendments under 312.30 or 812.35 of this chapter.