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Native American and the Mesoamericans

These are the different tribes that lived in the Americas during and before European exploration Includes: -Methods of arrival -Groups -MesoAmerican -Terms from Unit 1 notes -Etc.
Paleo Indians
1st Americans, nomaadic people and early ancestor of the Native Americans
A supposed method of how the paleo indians crossed over to America; deals with a land bridge from Asia to America
38,000-10,000 BCE
around what time that the paleo indians started showing up in America
Agricultural Revolution
the change from hunting to gathering to domestication and farming
Mound builders
Native American tribes that built mounds as burial grounds and temples Ex) Adena, Hopewell, and Mississippians
Hunter-Gatherer tradition
They stalked what they could kill and gathered plants
Horticultural tradition
Cultivation and farming of crops
Major Meso-American Tribes
Olmec, Maya, Toltec, Aztecs, and Inca
family relationships that determined your status and equivilance in society
religious belief that the most pwerful forces in the world are spiritual, derived from nature
the tracing of descendents from the mothers side
Hernan Cortes
the spanish conquerer of the Aztecs, who believed that it was the city of gold b/c of a myth that circulated, and was known as the "light skinned g-d" of the Aztecs
Francisco Pizarro
The conquerer of the Incas, known to be a brutal man, and tried to convert the Incan people to Christianity
Conquest of the Aztecs
The downfall of the Aztec people caused by Hernan Cortes, disease (small pox), and the death of their leader Montezuma
Conquest of the Incas
The downfall of the Inca people caused by Pizarro, who imprisoned their leader only to free him for gold and then kill him
Night of Sorrows
the massacre of 600 spaniards by the Aztec people in a revolt against by captured by Cortes's men