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Started in many places around the world at different times. As people moved along, they brought the trees with them. Many European species were brought to the Americas. Spanish introduced the fig and olive to the New World.

maple: Loved by virtually everyone; beautiful fall colors: Yellow leaves in the fall, red colors as well. Widely planted, often disease and insect resistant. Good to grow as ornamentals. 150 species worldwide, found across the Northern Hemisphere: north america, West Coast, Eastern part of North America, many in Asia, species spread across Europe. POPULAR. SAMARA and broad leaves.

Lombardy poplar: Widely grown, found natively in Europe, Asia and North America. Quite a few species, grow rapidly and have a nice form so popular as ornamentals. Problems? Susceptible to diseases and insects. Entirely artificial- doesn't occur anywhere in nature. Created by human beings. Originated in Italy? Developed an association with sadness in all cultures.

weeping willow: Commonly grown ornamental tree; weeping willow. Hanging branches, beautiful shiny narrow leaves. Restricted natively to the Northern Hemisphere. Been used because of their long-flexible branches since ancient times to make baskets and containers. Planted as wind-breaks as well/ screens.

Linden: "basswood" handsome, hearty trees. Well in urban environments, fragrant flowers, beautiful white flowers. The "bee tree" the bees are attracted to these flowers, useful for honey production. Nice foliage, heart-shaped leaves. Drawback? Seed bracks are kind of untidy, fall to the ground and need to be cleaned up. Native to Europe and North America. Wood from Lindens is easy to work with. Used to make ropes, mats, fishing nets in ancient times. Grown as Buddhist trees.

American and Siberian elm: One of our most typical American trees; majestic. Used in some parts of country to line city streets.

oak: Majestic, more common in eastern part of United States, or along west coast. Native to Europe, US, and Asia. Recognized by acorns, and beautiful sculpted leaves with wavy margins. Produce high-quality wood that is used for furniture and flooring.

ash: European and American species. Has been cultivated for a LONG time. Popular because it is a spreading tree used for parks/ lawns. Produces tough elastic wood that is useful for us. The seeds of Ash are very distinctive; long seeds. (another type of Samara) Shiny, green compound leaves.