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A Night Divided by Jennifer Nielsen (Chapter Summaries 33-47)

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Viktor waited with Mama and Gerta while the other police searched the apartment building. Mama offered him tea and put the keys to Oma's car on the table. Cars were hard to come by and expensive. Viktor got the hint. Mama lifted up 10 fingers and holding Gerta's hand started backing up toward the door. Bribery worked with the police. Viktor said he heard something in the back room and not to leave. He took the keys and walked to the back. They ran down the back steps to the street. They started walking when they heard whistles from their apartment. Curfew started and Gerta led them through the back streets. She jumped the ditch but Mama missed and needed help to get out. The watchtower lights came on and they dove to the ground. After they passed, they had a minute to get to the building with the tunnel. Fritz was at the tunnel waiting. Muller and his wife and baby were already there inside. His wife insisted they try to escape. Muller said he called in no one was in this area, but that soon they would use dogs to track them. Dominic and Papa began to dig the final connection on one side, Fritz and Muller on their side. Gerta offered to remove some dirt building up around them and use it at the front to slow down Grenzers. When she went to get the bucket she heard footsteps in the basement. A space opened enough for Gerta and Frau Muller to fit but the were working on a rock blocking them. Muller ran down the tunnel with his gun, said he'd slow them down, and told Fritz to get wife and baby out. Gerta grabbed rocks in hopes to slow anyone down while others escaped. Muller called out a warning, and Anna answered. She and her parents were there, but the Grenzers saw them, and were at the garden.