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The Term that describes the concept that population will continue to grow even after fertility rates decline is known as

demographic momentum

A decline in a country's crude birth rate would result in an increase in the country's

doubling time

Which of the following might account for the trinagle-shaped population graph of the city of Brownsville in southern Texas

large numbers of Mexican immigrants, causing the graph to be similar to that of Mexico

The phenomenon when a country experiences a decline in the total fertility rate so that it experiences no natural increase is known as

Zero population growth

A country's Total Fertility rate is

the average number of children a woman can expect to give birth to during her lifetime

Life expectancy has increased


China has the highest rate of population growth in the world


What stage of the Demographic Transition Model do most demographers agree the United States is in

Stage 3

Country A
Crude birth rate 38 per 1000 people
Crude death rate 18 per 1000 people
Country B
Crude birth rate 18 per 1000 people
Crude death rate 9 per 1000 people
From the data one might conclude that Country B

is a more devloped country

According to Thomas Malthus's population theory, which of the following is a preventativcheck on population

Moral restraint

Baby booms are generally associated with

periods of economic prosperity

Among world countries, the spread between the highest and lowest crude death rates is ______ than the spread of the highest and lowest crude birth rates


Proportionately, the greates decreases in infant mortality rates have occured in

urbanized industrial nations

The largest major population concentration of North America is

from Washington D.C. to Boston

Which of the following countries has the lowest arthmetic density


Even though the total fertility rates have been declining in some less-developed countries , the total population has continued to grow. This is primarily because a high percentage of the population is

under the age of 15

A rectanlge-shaped population pyramid indicates a country that is

growing slowly or not at all

the total number of live birth per year per 1000 people in a society is the

crude birth rate

Chronic disease are more common today than in the past in developed coutnries due to

longer life expectancies

Since the end of World War II, world population has been growing more slowly than in the past


A possible stage five epidemiological transition is the stage of

reemergence of infectious and parasitic diseases

What region of North America is most densely populated


Continued high birth rates and rapidly declining death rates describe which stage of the demographic cycle

stage 2

The two regions of the United States with the slowest population growth are

East Coast and Midwest

Which of the follwoing countries contains three megacities, the most of any nation


Which of the following graphs exhibits a J curve

Global population Growth over time

The demographic accounting equation does not take into account__________ when calculating a country's population

natural increase over time

Country A
Crude birth rate 38 per 1000 people
Crude death rate 18 per 1000 people
Country B
Crude birth rate 18 per 1000 people
Crude death rate 9 per 1000 people
From the data it is apparent that

the poulation of Country A will double in 35 years

The first stage of the demographic transition model indicates that

total population is low and constant with high birth rates and high death rates

the maximum reproductive capacity of a population is known as


The S-curve is best used to illustrate which geographic principle

The model that describes the decline of population growth as countries industrialize

The four major population clusters in the world include all of the following regions except

South America

A population pyramid witha wide base narrowing as the age cohorts progress indicates

rapid growth

Life expectancy is

the average number of years a person is expected to live

Neo-Malthusian theory builds on Malthus's overpopulation by considering which two additional factors

Population growth of underdeveloped countries and the outstripping of other resources beyond food

Generation X, which is a group of individuals all born within a defined time interval, is an example of a(n)


More developed countries moved from Stage 1 to Stage 2 of the demographic transition 200 years ago in part because of

invention of new technology

Agricultural denisty is

the number of farmers per square mile of arable land

China's one-child policy is an example of what theory

optimum population theory

Which of the following is not a contributing factor to the low birth rates in stage four of the demographic transition model

reliance on subsistence agriculture

Increasing the education of women is generally associated with declining birth rates


Over the past 200 years the population of the world has

increased by aprox. more than 5.5 billion

The highest natural increase rates are found in countries in which stage of the demographic transition

Stage 2

Which of the following states has the lowest population growth rate

New York

The low rate of concentraceptives use in Africa reflects the region's

low status of women

All of the following are population clusters in the East Asian population concentration except

western China

What revolution coincided with the world's population explosion

Second Agricultural Revolution

Demography is

the study of population

Relatively few people live at high elevations, but there are significant exceptions, especially in

Latin America

A country with a large amount of arable land and a small number of farmers will have a

low agricultural density

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