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Super Mario Quiz

It's a quiz involving everyones favorite hero!
The hero of all Mario games.
Mario's little brother.
Donkey Kong
The monkey that throws barrels at Mario
A Scientist that usually helps out Mario and his friends with useful inventions
the woman whom Mario must rescue from the titular ape in the original Donkey Kong
the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom
a tomboy princess
Donkey Kong Jr.
The son of the original Donkey Kong
A dog-like creature, is a friend and possible pet of Yoshi
A humanoid mushroom that is both a single character and the collective name of the "Mushroom People" found in the Mushroom Kingdom.
is a member of the Toad species that appears as a playable character in various spin-off games
an elderly Toad steward of Peach,
A dinosour with a long sticky tongue that also makes eggs
A femine looking dinosour that is really a guy and spits eggs out of it's nose
King Boo
A large ghost with a crown, blue tongue and red eyes
referred to as King Koopa and is Mario's archnemesis
Bowser Jr.
The son of bowser
is a Magikoopa and was also Bowser's caretaker back when Bowser was a child and is currently one of his high-ranking minions.
He is the same age as Luigi and is his darker rival
He is the same age as Mario and is his darker rival
Squid-like beings
Living circular black bombs possessing limbs
spectral beings resembling traditional Halloween ghosts,
Bullet Bill
large, black missile-like enemies,
enemies that resemble bob-ombs, but lack fuses and instead have two horns around the size of there body
Buzzy Beetle
are blue shelled, tortoise-like creatures commonly found in underground locations
Chain Chomp
are black, spherical dog-like creatures, often shown to be restrained by chains
Cheep Cheep
are red and yellow fish (although other colors such as green and blue exist) with white undersides
Dry Bones
skeletal Koopa Troopas reanimated by the desceased Koopa Troopa's spirit inhabiting its bones
brown mushroom-like creatures with feet, bushy eyebrows, and a pair of fangs sprouting from their lower jaw
Hammer Bros
Are from the Koopa Troopa race commonly found in pairs who wear helmets and utilize hammers as their main weapons
Koopa Troopa
a turtle like being, is the most common classification of Koopa. Koopa Troopas are the standard troopers of the Koopa Army who work for Bowser
is a Koopa with a green shell, orange or yellow body, glasses or goggles with thick black frames, and is usually seen flying in a cloud bearing a smiling face.
are from the Koopa Troopa race wearing a blue hat and robes, as well as spectacles. Magikoopas attack by firing spells that can not only injure Mario, but transform certain blocks into enemies
Monty Mole
species of mole that are characterized by hiding and waiting for an enemy before attacking
are Koopa Troopas, but have feathery wings and need to be jumped on twice before being defeated.
Piranha Plant
is a Venus fly trap-like enemy, almost always portrayed as a leafy green stalk topped with a white-spotted red globe, almost bisected by a white lip mouth with razor-sharp teeth.
is a cactus monster
Shy Guy
small masked beings that appear in various colors.
are beings that resemble Shy Guys with a black mask with an extended nozzle that can fire bullets from these nozzles.
are cubical animated blocks of stone, depicted as having angry-looking faces and clenched teeth.
are caterpillar-like insects with a segmented body and comically large nose