5 terms


Here is an example of what you should include in your flashcards. In the term box, put the word in Spanish. If it is a noun, make sure you use an article so you know what gender it is. If it is a verb make sure you use the infinitive. If it is another type of word, make sure to include the type of speech. PUT THE PART OF SPEECH IN PARENTHESIS. In the definition side, put the word in English, then put a sentence in Spanish that demonstrates the use of that word. However, do not put the word in…
la manzana
the apple- ___ ________ es roja.
to run- El leopardo ________muy rapido.
hoy (time expression)
today- _______ es el 3 de diciembre de 2010.
feliz (adj.)
happy. Estoy _______ cuando tengo vacaciones.
siempre (adv.)
always-______ hago mi tarea.