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Venezuela overall
*North of southamerica
*Has tips of Andes mountains, tropical jungles, savanna, Caribbean coast largest on the hemisphere, one of the largest cities in southamerica (Caracas), and large reserves of natural resources like natural gas and oil.
*Located in tropics and very close to the equator- the temperatures don't vary much in the year.
*But the altitude changes- at the coast and in the south the climate is tropical with rain all year, while in the peaks of the Andes its a polar climate.
Venezuela basics
*Capital- Caracas
*Population- 27 million
*Official language- spanish
*Literacy rate- 93%
*Currency- el bolivar
Venezuela- Simon Bolivar
*Political and military leader
*Known as The Liberator
*Born in Caracas in 1783
*Contributed to the independence of Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela during the early decades of 19th century
*1st president of Grand Colombia from 1819-1830. (Colombia, Venezuela, and Ecuador)
Venezuela- Angel falls
*Worlds highest waterfall
*979 meters high, located in Canaima National Park in the southeast of the country.
*Named after an america- James Crawford Angel, who was the first descendant of the european life.
Venezuela Venezuelan Food
*Typical plate is arepas
Torte is generally prepared from corn flower. Can also be eaten alone, filled with ingredients such as cheese, butter, chicken, tuna, beans, meat, or ham.
Venezuela Beauty
*Every year millions of young venezuelan women try out to be the miss Venezuela
*Turned the country into the factory of Venezuela beauties because their youth has won more international beauty competitions then any other country in the world
El clima en Venezuela varia mucho entre....A. Enero y julio
B. la costa y los andes
C. caracas y maracaibo?
=B La costa y los Andes
Simon Bolivar fue el primer presidente de la Gran Colombia, que consistia en Colombia, Venezuela, y.....A. Ecuador B. Bolivia C. Panama
=A Ecuador
Las cataratas del Niagara son____altas_____el Salto Angel.....A. tan/como B. mas/que C. menos/que
=B mas/que
Se sirve la arepa venezolana sola o rellena con varios ingredientes como queso, pollo, o.....A. jamon B. mantequilla de cachuete C. Chocolate
A= jamon
El programa de television mas popular en Venezuela es el de....A. beisbol B. futbol venezolano C. miss venezuela
C- miss venezuela
Panama Overall
*Has virgin forests, beautiful beaches with clear crystal waters in the Caribbean and Pacific, has the most important banking system of central america and the Kuna Indian population- who try to keep their traditions despite pressure of modern society.
*most of country has pleasant tropical climate and average temp of 27 C or 80 F
*wet season lasts from may-december
Panama Canal
*located at narrowest point that connect Carribean sea and Pacific ocean
*One of the most extrodanairy projects in history
*Although the canal was opened officially in 1914, the idea began much before that
*In 1532 the king of Spain, Emperor Carlos 1, has suggested the construction of the canal would facilitate travel from Spain to Peru
Panama- Ruben Blades
*Singer, actor, lawyer, politician was candidate for president in 1994 but didn't win
*Style of music is Salsa intellectual
*Conscious music for his criticism of Latin-American dictatorships and imperialism of the US
City of Panama
*most cosmopolitan city in centralamerica
*Known for its diverse architecture, financial activity, and multiple options for nightlife
Panama Basics
*Capital- Panama City
*Population- 3 million
*Official Language- Spanish
*Literacy Rate- 91.9%
*Currency- el balboa and dolar estadounidense
Panama- Los Kuna
*indians that live in north east Panama in an archipeglo made of the San Blas Islands
*Matriarchal society where the women preserve the continuity of the family and traditions
*Famous for the traditional textil art form- THE MOLA- which is a words in the Kuna language that mean clothing.
*Molas are woven of differently colored squares you can see in womens blouses.
En Panama no suele llover en marzo- Cierto o falso?
Ruben Blades fue prediente de Panama- cierto o falso?
En 1914, emprezaron a contruir el canal de Panama- cierto o falso?
falso i think
Los kuna viven en unas islas del Caribe- cierto o falso?
idk its in the San Blas Isles?
La mola es una comida tipica panamena? -cierto o falso?