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THE 101 Final - Foster

Final Exam
A loosely woven fabric that looks opaque when lit from one side and transparent when lit from the other side is called a cyclorama.
What kind of scenery attempts to depict, in great detail, a specific time and place in the observable world where the play's events are presumed to take place?
The presence of a critical focus in the audience has the effect of keeping the theatre
The order and process of developing a design for a play could be summarized by the following steps:
reading the play, researching, imagining, creating a physical presentation, collaborating, approving for the budget, ensuring viability, implementing.
All of the following are elements the scenic designer might take into consideration when creating the visual presentation of the staging EXCEPT
The movement toward scenic abstraction began with the theoretical and occasionally practical works of Adolphe Appia.
Makeup, like costuming, is
both ceremonial and illustrative
__________ argued for light as the guiding principle of all design and defined the role of the modern lighting designer.
Adolphe Appia
All plays and play productions can be usefully analyzed and evaluated on the way they use the theatrical format to the best advantage and make us rethink the nature of theatrical production.
Appia and Craig both thought that scenic design must be more realistic and less expressionistic.
A member of the audience may see a play from five different critical and dramaturgical perspectives. What are five perspectives?
social, personal, artistic, theatrical, and entertainment value
Which of the following is NOT a postmodern design element
furniture taken directly from people's homes
Scholarly critics ordinarily write with a comprehensive knowledge of a specific subject
Which invention brought lighting to the stage in its modern form and made lighting a more controlled part of the drama?
The gaslight
Plays that deal with theatrical matter not simply as a vehicle but as a theme are called
metadrama or metatheatre
It is almost impossible for costumes to address a character's occupation
Which type of critic expresses thoughts with precision, clarity, and grace, through the careful building up of ideas, a presentation of evidence, logical argument, the use of helpful analogy and example, and a clear style of expression?
The articulate critic
A play's final repository is
the minds and memories of its audiences
Scholarly dramatic criticism is itself a literary art, of which works by Aristotle, Goethe, Shaw, and Nietzsche have outlasted their presumed subjects and helped shape our vision of life.
Platforms, flats, and drapery are the traditional building blocks of fixed stage scenery
Dramaturgy is essentially a subject of directorial responsibilities
What form foes professional dramatic criticism take
production reviews , scholarly works, and online blogs and journals.
The public form of a play analysis following a production is called
dramatic criticism
Realistic costuming took over when which of the following became a major guiding principle in drama?
historical accuracy
The production stage manager's primary responsibility is the working and timing of lighting cues, ensuring that the lights support the play's action and aesthetic.
Ancient mask were thought to have supernatural powers
The name given to the boards that elevate the actors above the level of the audience is a flat.
Dramatic criticism usually appears in all of the following forms EXCEPT
annotated versions of a play script used in production
The journalist's review generally is
limited to a brief, immediate reaction written within a few days of seeing the performance.
Which of the following types of a stage is completely surrounded by audience
Criticism occurs on both the amateur and professional levels
__________ will enhance the actor, complete the costume, and compensate for audience distance.
Which is NOT one of the tasks a dramaturg may undertake in a play's artistic development
take over for the director during the theatrical run
An audience member's aesthetic sensibility and response is
a composite of many individual reactions and therefore subjective
Generally the playwright is more intelligent and better informed than the members of the audience
Scholarly critics generally write
detailed, comprehensive, and rigorously researched articles without the deadline or space limitations of newspapers.
Makeup can serve all the functions EXCEPt which of the following
Makeup may be used to help improve the actor's diction
Scholarly critics help the public decide what productions to see
Which of the following is true of the history of lighting in scene design?
Even before the advent of electricity, designers attempted to manipulate lighting with candles, oil lamps, and reflective surfaces.
What word fits the definition of "that which holds the attention
Founded by Luis Valdez in 1965, which contemporary Chicano theatre was created to dramatize the farm workers' situation in California through didacticactos?
Teatro Campesino
Which lyricist said that he barely dared "place a timid encroaching foot on the territory" of the "masters" and instead sought to write "a more primitive type of lyric . . . expressing my own true convictions and feelings," among them the following famous words from Oklahoma! : "Oh, what a beautiful mornin'! Oh, what a beautiful day!"
Oscar Hammerstein II
Musical theatre evolved initially as a revolt against other forms of theatre, particularly realism.
The extremity in representation that responded to the social change of the sixties and the seventies took a number of forms, including plays that feature urination, bold profanity, and total nudity.
Postmodern theatre borrows ideas from both Beckett's theatre of the absurd and Brecht's theatre of alienation.
Which artist (b. 1930), credited with changing the face of the American musical, developed a new style featuring disturbing plots, an ironic tone, and sophisticated, intricately rhymed lyrics?
Stephen Sondheim
What description best characterizes the Boderlands Theatre
bilingual productions for the local Mexican-American community with minimal staging
Marc Blitztein's 1938 musical The Cradle Will Rock was canceled an hour before its New York opening by government officials who protested the play's "left-wing propaganda."
This theatre attempted to distance the audience by repudiating realistic conventions through a didactic performance style, an acting style that required the actor to "demonstrate" rather than "integrate with" his character, and a stage that called attention to its own artificiality.
Brecht's theatre of alienation
Open bouffe is a type of lightweight, sentimental musical
The only performer to have won Tony awards in four categories—director, choreographer, lead actor, and featured actor—is Tommy
Postmodern playwrights and directors are mainly concerned with
the discontinuity of meaning
Which movement, whose development paralleled but was essentially independent of realism, based its aesthetics on nature, particularly on humanity's place in the (Darwinian) environment?
What is a characteristic of the realist drama?
characters drawn true to life and subject to their individual social states
The representation of homosexuality on stage was illegal in England as late as 1958.
Which of the following musicals was conceived and directed by George C. Wolfe, choreographed by Savion Glover, and offers a capsule history of racial injustice in America?
Bring in 'Da Noise, Bring in 'Da Funk
How did Stanislavsky contribute to realist theatre
He brought realist acting to realists plots
The first of the choreographer-directors, trained in both ballet and acting, was Jerome Robbins, who staged such works as The King and I and West Side Story,
Which of the following statements correctly characterizes the major development of the musical form in roughly the first third (1900-1920) of the twentieth century?
It marked the age of the great musical comedy
From a practical standpoint, theatre may be considered a conservative institution because it conserves
the history and conventional way of working as a theatre
While postmodernism emphasizes self-reflection and reflections on the past, it also values rational logic and cause-and-effect determinism.
Which musical (book by Jerome Kern, lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II), adapted from a gritty novel by Edna Ferber, uses music and dancing to carry its complex plot , touches significantly on race relations in America, and contains the famous aria "Ol' Man River?"
Show Boat
One convention of the realist theatre is that dialogue
is conversation
The first black musical, in 1921, to dominate a full Broadway season was Eubie Blake and Noble Sissle's Shuffle Along.
Typical themes of the symbolist theatre include the loss of innocence and the futility of communication.
According to the textbook, what percent of Broadway box office revenue comes from musicals?
This award-winning musical, based on a German expressionist drama, utilizes intensely profane lyrics and reflects the confusion and anger of teenagers becoming sexually aware.
Spring Awakening
Who raised dance to a new level of prominence when he developed a new choreographic style—quick, jerky moves that suddenly segue to slow, sinuous come-ons; bumps and grinds; costumes of white gloves and black bowler hats—in a series of musicals that he directed and choreographed, among them Dancin' andChicago?
Bob Fosse
Although American artists are largely protected from direct censorship by the U.S. Constitution's first amendment, government funding is subject to approval by local and national legislators who sometimes balk at funding the work of certain artists.
Avant-garde means, literally, "the major assault" or "shock troops."
The theatre where chekhov collaborated with Konstantin Stanislavsky is the Moscow Art theatre
Which of the following is true of performance art
Performance art creates a provocative association of unexpected impressions around a given theme.
All of the following genres contributed to the growth of musical theatre EXCEPT
boulevard theatre
Which winner of the 1998 Tony Award for the best musical, directed by avant-garde director-designer Julie Taymor, derives its aesthetic from both African jungle and universal myth?
The Lion King
This playwright, born in Germany in 1898, emerged from World War I as a dedicated Marxist and pacifist, and consolidated his theories about drama into a body of plays that include The Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny and The Good Person of Szechuan.
Bertolt Brecht
Which of the following does NOT exemplify the contemporary trend toward revival?
plays which dramatize the life of the ancient playwrights account for a quarter of the productions off Broadway
Which movement was based in the idea that, although humans search for some meaning or purpose in human life, they are met with the immutable irrationality of the universe, thus making the effort futile?
Which type of drama fits the following description: the theatre becomes a part of the content of play production, not merely the vehicle.
Professional theatres operating on significantly reduced budgets and located primarily in Greenwich Village, SoHo, and upper East and West sides of Manhattan became collectively known in the 1950s as
The founding playwright of the realist era was
Henrik Ibsen
Scenery must be practical and aesthetic
In describing dramatic space as "psycho-plastic," which "scenographer" (Europe's most celebrated in the 20thcentury) said "The goal of a designer can no longer be a description of a copy of actuality, but the creation of its multidimensional model?"
Joseph Svoboda
What kind of scenery uses evocative visual images to make a visual statement about the production's intended mood or theme.
Some of the most historically significant and innovative theatres in the world, such as Constantine Stanislavsky's Moscow Art Theatre and Andre Antoine's Théâtre Libre, began as community theatres run by amateurs.
The American Broadway musical dates back to
the staging of The Black Crook, a melodrama, at Niblo's Garden in New York City in 1866 when a French dance company stranded in the city was added to the show
The chief theoretician of naturalism was Voltaire.
Which cit remains the international capital of the world's musical theatre
New York
Which genre, introduced in the golden age of the musical, is characterized by increasingly serious plots and sophisticated musical treatments?
musical drama
Flashbacks that are not clearly framed as such, shuttling instead between time zones without narrative warning, are examples of
nonlinear theatre
Which of the following is NOT an example of the tradition of music in the theatre?
The Medieval Portuguese drama subgenre known as "musical tragedy."
Which of the following is true of symbolism?
Through images and metaphors, symbolism explores the inner realities which cannot be directly or literally perceived.
The roots of postmodern theatre can be located in the arts phenomenon called
Postmodernism relates to previous artistic movements in all the following ways EXCEPT
postmodern theatre attempts to illuminate the received truths of realism.
The spectacularly successful Broadway musical that won a record-shattering twelve Tony Awards in 2002, directed and choreographed by Susan Stroman, is
The Producers
Which American playwright created works, including Ma Rainey's Black Bottom, Fences, and The Piano Lesson, that portray the entire twentieth-century history of black America?
August Wilson
This theatre, formed by Joseph Chaikin in 1963, combined social improvisation with Brechtian techniques and used character as a vehicle for direct interaction with audiences
The Open Theatre
The epoch-defining dance, featured in the hit show Running Wild, that started a national craze was the Jitterbug.
This director/designer draws inspiration from Javanese rod puppetry, Balinese headdresses, and African masks.
Julie Taymor
Which lyricist for Rent brought a rock and rap beat to the show's music, along with a script and staging derived from cast improvisations?
Jonathan Larson
Which Texas-born theatre and performance artist received critical attention for his tableaux vivant and was invited to create the central performance work of the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Festival, the CIVIL warS?
Robert Wilson