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Cause and Effect Definitions
Cause is why something happened. Effect is what happened. (Sometimes the effect is listed first.)
Cause and Effect Signal Questions
What happened? Why did it happen? What caused it to happen?
Cause and Effect Signal Words
So, because, Since, therefore, if...then, this led to, Reason why, as a result, may be due to, effect of, consequently, for this reason
Compare and Contrast Definition
Shows how two or more things are alike and/or different.
Compare and Contrast Signal Questions
What things are being compared? In what ways are they alike? In what ways are they different?
Compare and Contrast Signal Words
Same as, similar, alike, as well as, not only... but also, both, instead of either .. or, on the other hand, different from, opposed to
Sequence or Order Definition
Describes items or events in order or tells the steps to follow to do something or make something.
Sequence or Order Signal Questions
What items, events or steps are listed? Do they have to happen in this order? Do they always happen in this order?
Sequence or Order Signal Words
First, second, next, then, before, after, finally, following, not long after, now, soon
Problem and Solution Definition
Tells about a problem (and sometimes says why there is a problem) then gives one or more possible solutions.
Problem and Solution Signal Questions
What is the problem? Why is this a problem? Is anything being done to try to solve the problem? What can be done to solve the problem?
Problem and Solution Signal Words
Question is.., Dilemma is.., The puzzle is..., To solve this..., One answer is..., One reason for the problem is...
Description Definition
A topic, idea, person, place or thing is described by listing its features, characteristics, or examples.
Description Signal Questions
What specific topic, person, idea or thing is being described? How is it being described (what does it look like, how does it work, what does it do, etc?) What is important to remember about it?
Description Signal Words
For instance, such as, to begin with, an example, to illustrate, characteristics - Look for the topic word or its synonyms repeated

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