Chapter 18, Feminist Ethics


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Which of the following philosophers believed that women are the moral equals of men?
None of the above..
Which of the following best describes feminist ethics?
It is a family of ethical theories..
According to the text, which author allowed feminist ethics to "come into its own"?
Carol Gilligan.
Which claim did Carol Gilligan argue for in In a Different Voice?
Women tend to react to moral conflict differently from men..
What relationship plays a central role in the ethics of care?
Which of the following carries great moral value, according to the ethics of care?
According to the text, what attitude do many feminists take toward rights?
They have been overly emphasized in moral philosophy..
Which of the following is the supreme principle of morality, according to feminist ethics?
None of the above..
How do feminists claim we can come to have moral knowledge?
By sensitively considering the particular circumstances.
According to the text, which of the following is not a challenge for feminist ethics?
Partiality is sometimes permissible..