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Fshn 120 Ch 10

which of the following explains why folate is critical to the health of a newly conceived embryo
folate is needed for proper cell division
what is transamination
a key process in the creation of nonessential amino acids
which of the following is a molecule that combines with an enzyme to activate it and help it do its job
a coenzyme
the tranport protein for iron is
the iron carrying protein that assists in the transport of oxygen into muscle cells is
which minerals absorption is enhanced greatly by vitamin c
which of the following will impair iron absorption
low amounts of stomach acid
the first B vitamin discovered was
iodine is essential for the synthesis of which kind of hormones
what is the most common nutrient deficiency , worlwide?
the oxygen carrying protein found in red blood cells is called
pellagra is the deficiency disease associated with
which of the following would not be an effective strategy to follow when trying to evaluate the safety and quality of a particular supplement
purchase prodcuts labeled "natural"
which of the following is not a symptom of pellagra
which of the following individuals would least likely need diatary supplementation
people who eat a balanced diet
unless prescribed by a qualified practitioner, taking a single nutrient supplement is not recommended because it
may quickly lead to a nutrient toxicity
which of the following individuals would be at risk for a vitamin K deficiency
a 30 year old with crohns disease
high concentrations of homocysteine in the blood are associated with the development of
heart disease
a genetic disorder characteruzed by excessive iron absorption is
which mineral increases insulins effectiveness in cells
which of these nutrients is destroyed by exposure to light
a toxicity of folate can disguise a true deficiency of which nutrient, resulting in nerve damage
vitamin B 12
the fluid portion of the blood is called
pellagra was first seen in population where the dietary staple was
the ideal nutritional strategy for optimizing health is to
eat a healthful diet containing a variety of whole foods
the chronic overconsumption of which of the following foods can result in a biotin deficiency
raw egg whites
a severe vitamin B12 deficiency results from what form of anemia
what is the primary role of the B vitamins
act as coenzymes
which of the following provides 100% of the RDA of folate
3/4 cup of whole grain total cereal
a major dietary source of iodine worlwide is
iodized table salt
which kind of severe deficiency results in a condition called macrocytic (or megablastic) anemia
a person suffering from fatigue, muscle wasting, and nerve damage is likely suffering from which of the following deficiency diseases
prothombin and factor VII are
proteins that are involved in the coagulation of blood
the primary sources of folate in the american diet are
enriched ready to eat cereals, bread, and grain products
celine visited her doctor to examine a cut that bled a lot before it clotted. Which of the following deficiencies might cause increased bleeding
vitamin K
which of the following is nota good source of vitamin K
Exposure to sunlight
which statement regarding thiamin is false
it is often toxic when consumed in excess
which vitamin can be made from the amino acid tryptophan
zinc is a trace mineral that plays a critical role in
sexual maturation
which of the following is the Best source of thiamin
whole and enriched cereals and grains
insufficient intake of iron will first affect which of the following levels in the body
chromium assists in the uptake of which of the following
vitamin b12 is essential for the proper functioning of which type of cells
iron absoption is the highest when
iron stores are low
which of the following is not one of the secondary contributors responsible for the acne flare ups that plague many adolescents
chocolate consumption
which of the following is not a vitamin