Chapter 16 - The Conquest of the West

In 1882 Congress passed a law that in effect stopped immigration from
_____ was essential to the culture, religion and sustenance of the Plains Indians
In 1867, the government tried a new strategy toward the Plains Indians--
Forcing the reservation Native Americans to become farmers like other Americans
The ability of the Plains Indians to resist white expansion was severely damaged by the
destruction of the buffalo
Partly as a result of the Ghost Dance movement, the army killed some 150 Teton Sioux at _______ in 1890.
Wounded Knee, South Dakota
One result of the gold and silver rushes of the late nineteenth century was
an improved financial position for America in world trade.
The first federal land grant to a railroad was allotted in 1850 to the
Illinois Central
_____ was a former slave who became famous as the cowboy nicknamed "deadwood dick."
Nat Love
What accounted for the profitability of open-range ranching?
high demand and cheap transportation
Open-range cattle raising was virtually ended by the
combination of the drought of 1886 and the blizzards of 1886-1887.
Because they epitomized freedom and self-reliance, the plains indians adopted the products of white culture
Miners in the West were motivated by a desire to achieve sudden prosperity...