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35 terms

Reflexive Verbs-Infinitive

me brosser les cheveux
to brush one's hair
se coucher
to go to bed
se couper lex cheveux
to cut one's hair
se deshabiller
to get undressed
to fall asleep
to get dressed
se peigner
to comb one's hair
se reposer
to rest
s'approcher de
to approach
to stop
to sit down
se depecher
to hurry up
se diriger vers
to head towards
s'eloigner de
to move away from
to settle in
se reunir
to get together
se trouver
to be located
to feel lively
to be bored
to be bored
se mettre en colere
to get angry
se sentir
to feel
se charger de qqch
to take charge of something
se detendre
to relax
se mettre (a whatever)
to begin
se soigner
to take care of oneself
s'occuper de qqch
to take care of something
s'entendre bien avec qqn
to get along well with
s'en aller
to go away
se debarrasser
to get rid of
se fier
to trust
s'apercevoir de qqch
to notice something
se rappeler qqch
to recall
se souvenir de
to remember
se tromper
to err