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  1. space between end of nerve and begining of another, where nerve impulses are transmitted
  2. Protects brain and spinal cord/ works as shock absorber
  3. meninges, dura mater, arachniod membrane and pia mater
  4. shallow grooves on the surface of an organ
  5. weblike middle layer of the 3 membrane layers surrounding the brain and spinal cord

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  1. Epidural Spacespace immediatly outside the dura mater that contains a supporting cushion of fat and other conneltive tissues


  2. Dendritesprotections that exstend from nerve cell bodys, receive impulses and conducts them into cell bodys


  3. Subarachnoid spacespace located just under arochnoid membrane contains CSF


  4. Serous fluidserum that has characteristics of serum in color and vescosity