GCSE dance

who designed the set for nutcracker ?
Anthony Ward
who designed the lighting for nutcracker?
Howard Harrison
who designed the costumes for nutcracker ?
Anthony Ward
who composed the accompaniment in nutcracker ?
Pyotr ilyich tchaikovsky
how many dancers are in nutcracker ?
who are the 5 main characters in nutcracker ?
clara, nutcracker, fritz, cupid, sugar
what are the stimuli of nutcracker ?
classical ballet , original music, victorian childhood
what are the themes of nutcracker ?
the frozen lake , the visit
when was nutcrackers premiere?
how many acts ?
wat characters are in by invitation only
gobstoppers, marshmallows, licorice all sorts, knickerbocker glory
wat is the set for the orphanage ?
dull, dark,gloomy, cracks in the wall. misery, disjointed
what was sugars costume like ?
more presentable, brighter coloured, shows shes more important
knicker bockers costume ?
red cherry on top of his cream hat, red and pink blazer with ream ruffles on wrists and a red waist coat with a white tie and black trousers and shiny white and black shoes
orphanage costumes vs snowflake ?
dull looking, boring , icey , wintery , representing the winter theme.