Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

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Lines 34-51 reveal key words or phrases as to why the Green Knight shows up in the King's
banquet hall, what are they?
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What are the key points in lines 150-155?Whatever happens, Gawain must seek out the knight in a year. He can bring any weapon he wants but he must come alone.How is the Green Knight chivalrous in his reply to Gawain in lines 162-175?The Green Knight is courteous in his reply, but also emphasizes the importance of Gawain's chivalry.What does Gawain do to the Green Knight?Gawain chops off the green knight's head.How would you summarize the events in lines 188-213?The Green Knight bows his head and bares his neck. Gawain picks up the ax and deals a sharp blow, cutting off the Green Knight's head. The head rolls across the floor. To everyone's surprise, the Green Knight reaches out with one arm, grabs the head, and mounts his horse.How is this scene realistic as well as supernatural?Details from the beheading are realistic; what follows is supernatural. If your head is chopped off your body you are dead, it is a little difficult to now be able to pick up your own head, place it back on your body and carry on about your day. Natural events having supernatural effects.What is happening in the following stanza? (Lines 214-231)The Green Knight is holding his severed head, and the head is talking. The poem was intended to be fun, this was their form of entertainment for this time period. While is upholds the ideals of the era, it also contains a lot of humor.What two characteristics of a medieval romance are reflected in lines 214-231?Sir Gawain's honor is being put to the test. The dramatic language and supernatural actions are also characteristics of medieval romance.What is a knight?A knight is a professional solider. Knighthood originally included only those men who could afford the high cost of a horse and armor. During the 11th century, most knights were noble, landowners or freemen with money, but the boundaries were fluid and anyone who managed to get the training and equipment to be a knight could eventually enter that class.What were the main points in the description of Arthur's reaction to the Green Knights visit in lines 236-254?Arthur was uneasy of the whole event, but held his true feelings in check. He then urged all to dance, eat, drink and watch the entertainment.Why might Arthur behave in such a casual manner after witnessing such a scene?This is part of his bravery. He would do whatever it took to not spoil the festivities that are occurring at this time. He also does not want to upset Gawain by entertaining the Green Knight's presence.What happens after Gawain chops off the Green Knight's head?After Gawain chops the Green Knight's head, the knight gathers his head, and mounts his horse. He then reminds Gawain that he must find a year, reveals that he is the Knight of the Greeen Chapel, and gallops off.What is a girdle?A girdle is a garment that women wear under their dresses to make their waists appear smaller. The green girdle that the lady of the castle gives Gawain is a green scarf, which is why Gawain wears it around his neck.How does lines 262-286 relate to the setting in this passage add to the story?The setting mirrors Gawain's mental state and creates suspense. The area is wild and rugged. It is not what Gawain expected. Instead of a formal church, he finds a grass mound with entrance holes, much like a cave.In what ways does Gawain's speech in lines 287-294 add a dimension to the story that might not have been present in the original legend?There is more imagery and alliteration here than would normally be found in the telling of an adventure tale. The bleakness of the place reflects the bleakness of Gawain's feelings and situation. The alliteration is a tool used throughout this poem to make it memorable and entertaining.What is the Green Knight doing when Gawain arrives at the Green Chapel?The Green Knight is grinding, or sharpening his ax in preparation for dealing Gawain a blow.Which parts of the virtues of knighthood apply to the current situation in lines 359-387?Bravery and keeping one's word would apply. Fairness to enemies, honor and loyalty to king could also be referenced here.How do Gawain's action in lines 359-387 reflect or depart from the ideals of knighthood?The ideals are shown in Gawain's baring his neck for the blow and in his promise not to flinch the second time. He departs from them when he winces.What happens after the Green Knight's third stoke with the ax? (Lines 401-406)The third stoke leaves only a scratch on Gawain's neck.How does Gawain react when the Green Knight first lifts his ax?Gawain flinches when the Green Knight makes his first attempt.What happened to Gawain while he stayed at the castle before his final search for the Greeen Chapel?The lady of the castle, described as beautiful, is part of a test that is set up for Gawain- without Gawain's knowledge. The lord of the castle goes hurting for three days, while Gawain remains in the castle. The lady tests Gawain's chastity and virtue by acting as if she wishes to seduce him. The lord tests Gawain's honor by asking that they exchange whatever they get during the three days. The first two days, Gawain receives a kiss from the lady, and returns this to the lord in exchange for the animal from the hunt. The third day, Gawain gets the green girdle, which he keeps, hoping it will protect him. While he has maintained his virtue and chastity, his honor has been compromised, because he did not give the lord the green girdle.What are the results of this test, and of Gawain's failure?The Green Knight makes three passes with the ax: two without touching, for the days when Gawain kept his word, and one with a scratch, for Gawain's failure.What theme of medieval romance is suggested in lines 441-443?The lines suggest the medieval theme of honor.How might Gawain feel when he remembers the image of the Green Knight's wife?Gawain might feel guilty and ashamed of himself when he remembers the image of the Green Knight's wifeHow would you summarize Gawain's response to the Green Knight in lines 459-477?Gawain admits to his failure to live up to his end of the pledge. He is angry with himself and ashamed, and ask forgiveness. The Green Knight gladly grants forgiveness, and invites Gawain to return to his castle to celebrate New Year's.How do Arthur's knights first respond to the Greeen Knight's challenge?The knights are first silent with astonishment.Why does the Green Knight laugh at their response?The Greeen Knight laughs because the reaction of Arthur's knights does not live up to their reputation.What does Gawain offer to do?Gawain offers to take Arthur's place in the contest.How does he make this seem humble, not boastful?He makes this offer seem humble by playing down his strengths and skills.In lines 464-477, how does Sir Gawain react when he considers his own actions?Gawain is upset at himself by being false, greedy, cowardly, and disloyal to his code.What has Sir Gawain learned from his second encounter with the Green Knight?He may have learned that it is best to keep your word and act honorably, no matter what fears you may have.Is it more important to achieve goals or to learn from mistakes?It is more important to learn from one's mistakes. The Green Knight tells Gawain to remember the lesson he learned from his always.Adjurerequest solemnly; appeal to earnestlyAdroitlywith physical or mental skillLargessenobility of spiritEntreatedmade an earnest appeal; pleadedPerilexposure to harm or injuryInterredburied in the earth