Speech Final Exam Review 2

1. As we improve our public speaking skills and learn to evaluate other speeches we can also develop:
Civic Literacy
2. Which does NOT explain the idea of deliberating in good faith
As a speaker you are responsible for persuading your audience.
3. Not giving credit when you present another person's words and ideas as your own is
4. What is the term that describes someone who writes another person's speeches?
5. In considering the transactional model of communication, which of the following statements is correct?
A. The speaker encodes a message and the listener decodes this message and sends back verbal and nonverbal responses
B. The speaker should be active; the listener is passive.
C. Receiver does not influence the sender
D. None of the above
6. Which of the following is NOT a consideration when preparing to speak? Know your:
A. Audience
B. Self
C. Costs involved
D. Situation
7. When you analyze what a speaker is saying by considering accurate, reasonable, fair and of good consequence, you are?
Listening Critically.
8. A person who believes responsibility for listening rests solely with the speaker suffers from?
A.sender communication
B. stereotyping
C. Transactional communication
D. The passivity syndrome.
9. Education, gender, and income levels are all characteristics of an audience. This is also referred to as?
A) Listening skills
B) Behaviors
C) Demographics
D) Fallacies
10. A speaker chooses home security as a topic for a speech. To which of Maslow's Hierarchy of needs would this speech topic best correspond?
A) Belonging needs
B) Safety needs
C) Esteem needs
D) Self- actualization
"When we learn a second language, not only are we able to communicate with those who speak the language and appreciate their culture, but we increase our understanding of our own culture as well."
11. The statement above is an example of?
Thesis Statement
12.) Brainstorming is a good way to generate ideas for speech topics. What should NOT be done during brainstorming?
Decide on the worthy of each topic as you list them
13) The statement, "I want to convince my audience that we consume too much salt" is an example of
Specific purpose statement for a persuasive speech.
14. Paraphrasing is okay if you...
a- is okay to do without citing the source.
b- is okay to do if you cite the source.
c- should be avoided because speakers should only use exact
15. When citing sources in your speech you should...
a- refer your audience to a reference page
b- provide enough information to establish the credibility of the source.
c- cite the complete bibliographic reference
16. What is not a consideration in determining whether or not to use an internet source?
a- site update
b- source of the information
c- accuracy of the content
d- date site was accessed
17. Google.com, Bing.com, and Yahoo.com are all considered what?
a- reference styles
b- email addresses
c- dictionaries
d- search engines
18. "If each of us were to save $50 every month for the next forty years, we would have more than enough to supplement our incomes when we retire." This is a/an...
a- actual example
b- hypothetical narrative
c- hypothetical example
d- narrative
19. You have consulted a professor of art about the seven colors in a spectrum. Information provided by this person is considered which style of testimony?
a- lay
b- expert
c- prestige
d- personal
20. Brief concrete evidence to illustrate a concept, experience, or issue is called
21. When testing evidence for speeches we also need to analyze the source. We should be concerned about using wikipedia because
A.Its possible to post incorrect information
B. its very large size and the number of entries make it difficult to monitor for accuracy
C. its very large size allows for the possibility of misinformation
D. All of the responses are correct
22. What is the most appropriate organizational pattern to use based on the statement below?
"The concept of money maturity relates to a person's relationship to money during childhood, adulthood, and into the future"
23. In a speech about making cake which kind of connective is used in the statement below?
First, you need to assemble your ingredients
24. A pattern for organizing your speech takes your audience through a five-step process. In the first step you arouse their interest and in the final step you attempt to move your audience to action. This would be considered which of the following organizational patterns.
Monroe's Motivated Sequence
25. When using a keyword online, which
of the following might you want to write out?
direct quote
26. The first outline you create when you
BEGIN composing your speech.
Working outline
27. Bruce Springsteen sang "Like ____" and Simon and Garfunkle sang "Like _____". What language device is this?
28. The statement "Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country" is an example of.
29. Which is NOT a reason for a public speaker to establish eye contact
Helps hide nervousness
30. Correct pronunciation and articulation of a speaker is the definition of that term?
31. When we speak with a monotone quality to our voice we need to practice:
Varying our pitch
32. A disadvantage of passing around an object as a visual aid during a speech is that:
Some members of the audience could be distracted by the passing of the object and not listen to your speech.
33. Which of the following is not an advantage of using a visual aid during a speech?
In some cases, the visual aid can work as the speaker note cards.
34. After returning from a trip to the Gulf Coast, you give an update to the environmental impact from the oil spill. This speech is what type?
C. Informative
35. One way to motivate your audience to listen and learn is to.
D. All the answers are correct
36. Which of the following is an instance of informative speaking?
An economic development direction explaining new trade rules during a chamber of commerce meeting.
37. Persuading your audience that evolution should not be taught in the public schools would be considered a "question" of.
Which of the following is an instance of persuasive speaking?
A student urging classmates to buy textbooks from online sources
A speaker's ethos is.
Question of credibility
According to your text, the "question" that addresses our ethical and/or normal beliefs is a..
Question of value
41. What is Toulmin's Model of Argument used to determine?
if an argument is theoretically sound
42. False arguments of hasty generalization and slippery slope are known as:
Answer: fallacies
43. Many college students work 30 to 40 hours each week. These same students spend at least 10 hours completing homework assignments and other studies. Also, their social life is very important and countless hours are spent on Facebook.com and other social networks. It's no wonder college students often fall asleep in class.
This is an example of which type of reasoning?
Inductive Reasoning (or casual)
In recent years there have been a number of highly publicized cases of corporate scandals. We have a local company that has been involved in corporate scandal. Thus, we can conclude that corporate scandals are becoming a problem in our area.
This is an example of which type of reasoning?
Deductive Reasoning
45. Which answer correctly identified the false reasoning in the statements below?
"My friends and I just love the new James Bond movie. It will win an Oscar for sure."
hasty generalization