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  1. Which of the following conditions is characterized by high lung recoil forces?
  2. Which of the following parts of the sternum marks the level of the carina?
  3. Which of the following signs is not consistent with complete airway obstruction?
  4. Although the diaphragm is the principal muscle of inspiration, it is not essential for survival.
  1. a Angle of Louis
  2. b True
  3. c Low-pitched snoring sound
  4. d Pulmonary fibrosis

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  1. Circoid ring
  2. 0.1 L/cm H2O
  3. acinus
  4. 1/3
  5. Herring-Breuer reflex

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  1. If an endotracheal tube is inserted too far in the process of intubation, its tip is more likely to enter the left bronchus?It receives blood from right and left ventricles


  2. What is rather unique regarding the blood supply to the lung?It receives blood from right and left ventricles


  3. What is the space that separates the true vocal cords?Glottis


  4. If the lungs fail to empty normally during exhalation, because of either weakened elastic recoil force or high resistance to airflow, the retained volume causes which change to the chest in the chest radiograph?Flattening of the diaphragm [COPD always flat, asthmatic flat in staticus asthmaticus]


  5. Which of the following is the source of innervation for the lung?Lower surface tension