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  1. Which of the following pressures vary throughout the normal breathing cycle?
  2. How is airway resistance (Raw) computed?
  3. What is called the "functional unit of the lungs"?
  4. What causes air to move in or out of the lungs while keeping the lungs in an inflated state?
  5. Which of the following is the function of the surfactant?
  1. a Pressure gradients
  2. b Lower surface tension
  3. c Change in pressure/flow [ PEEP-Plateau/flow]
  4. d acinus
  5. e I and IV: alveolar pressure (P alv) pleural pressure (P pl)

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  1. Lower
  2. Midclavicular line
  3. Anatomical dead space
  4. Type II (surfactant)
  5. I and II: Norepinephrine, Acetylcholine

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  1. Circulating epinephrine is the only natural mechanism for sympathetic bronchodilation in humans?True


  2. What is rather unique regarding the blood supply to the lung?That systemic arterial blood can never have the same partial pressure of oxygen as the alveolar gas


  3. The intercostal arteries, veins, and nerves run through which of the following?II and IV: delivers unoxygenated blood to the lungs, originates on the right side of the heart


  4. What is the normal CL?0.2 L/cm H2O


  5. Which group of cells engulfs microorganisms and foreign material in the alveolus?Type I