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final exam review 60 questions


A person who is suffering from disordered thinking, bizarre behavior, and hallucinations and who is unable to distinguish between fantasy and reality is likely suffering from ________.

all the sensory systems show decline in function as we age

Which of the following sensor system does not decrease in its function as we age into our older years?

marijuana; tetrahydrocannabinol

Which of the following pairs belong together?


These are the most numerous of the specialized neurons in the central nervous system.

intrinsic motivation

Meghan, a four year old, spends hours drawing with colored crayons. She finds this activity very enjoyable. For Meghan, coloring is maintained by______.

There may be a universal human need to produce varieties of conscious experiences.

Because throughout history so many cultures have found ways to induce altered states of consciousness, experts have suggested which of the following?

There are no known limits to the storage capacity of LTM.

What are the limits of the storage capacity of long term memory?

The five factor model personality

The acronym OCEAN commonly refers to_____.

Nature ; Nurture

______refers to heredity and ______ refers to environmental influences.

Wilhelm Wundt

______is generally considered to be the "father of psych"


Short term memory has avery limited capacity of about _______different items.

The absolute threshold

The difference between not being able to perceive a stimulus and just barely perceiving it is termed_______


An individuals_______refers to his or her actual characteristics.

Intimacy versus isolation

Erikson saw the major challenges of young adulthood as that of_______

Post-tramatic stress disorder PTSD.

A disorder resulting from exposure to a major stressor, with symptoms of anxiety, nightmares, poor sleep, reliving the event, and concentration problems, lasting for more than one month is called_______


Our awareness of various mental processes, such as making decisions, daydreaming, reflecting, and concentrating, is called________

Spinal cord

The_____transmits messages between the brain and the peripheral nervous system

Neither men nor women are especially good at detecting deceptions

Which of the following is accurate about ones ability to detect lies?

Circadian theory of sleep

This theory is based on the premise that sleep evolved to keep humans out of harms way.

Sexual love

According to Sternberg, three components in combination and alone produce seven kinds of love. Which of the following is not one of these kinds of love?

Men process emotions mostly in the left hemisphere of the brain and women process emotions in both hemispheres.

In a recent study of how the brain processes emotions, it was found that______

Dissociative identity disorder

Which disorder involves the appearance of two or more distinctly different personalities within one individual


Which sense is least functional at birth?

The amygdala

The brain structure most related to fear is______


The term that explains the fact that people generally marry people they have had some continuous exposure to, as opposed to people they don't know as well is_________


Boyd feels that CIA agents are spying on him from the bushes and trees in his yard. Boyd might be suffering from _______schizophrenia.

Classical conditioning

As an infant stephanie received many penicillin injections from the doctor, when she later saw a photographer in a white coat that was similar to the doctors coat she started to cry this is an example of___________


Animals are most easily addicted to which type of drug?


In her job as an administrative assistant, Donna must cope with every detail of the vice presidents schedule. she deals with the minor demands made upon her employer so that her employer can focus on major, critical issues, Donna is coping with what Lazarus would term________

The scientific study of behavior and mental processes

Which of these is the most accurate definition of the discipline of psychology?

Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance.

the correct sequence of the five stages of death and dying postulated by Kubler Ross is__________

30%, 50%

A typical american has ____% of developing cancer in his/her lifetime, and ____% chance of developing a mental disorder.


Humans have a total of______chromosomes in normal developmental cases.

halo effect

People sometimes make the mistake of assuming that someone is intelligent, exciting and fun to be around just because they are physically attractive. this is called the_____

lesbian couples.

Studies indicate that ______tend to value monogamy more highly than other couples.

a personality disorder.

Individuals who exhibit longstanding, inflexible and maladaptive patterns of behavior that interfere with their personal adjustment and cause those around them distress are likely to be diagnosed as having______


When a patient arrives in the emergency room, he is restless and irritable with unlimited energy and a rapid rate of speech. the attending psychiatrist believes the patient has taken cocaine or amphetamines and admits him for observation. the next day the symptoms are the same. what condition with symptoms that are similar to those associated with amphetamine use might the psychiatrist now consider as a condition that is relevant to the diagnosis?


Of the five known human sensory systems, which type of hallucinations is the most common?


Which type of brain waves dominate slow wave sleep?

Obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Each day, while Sid is sitting at his desk at work, he continually thinks about germs. Each time this occurs, he washes his hands. Sid probably suffers from_____


Which component of a persons personality is responsible for the continuing desire to engage in sex indiscriminately?

Erik Erikson

Which theorist proposed that we go through several psychosocial stages on our way through the lifespan?

assimilation and accommodation

Piaget believed that children learn by using______ to adjust their cognitive schemes


Dr. Shedrika uses a form of therapy that emphasizes revealing his clients' unconscious conflicts, urges and desires, which he believes are the cause of his clients disordered behavior and emotions. this therapist is most likely using__________

the principles of operant conditioning

Most behavior modification programs use______


A______reinforcer is any reward that satisfies a basic, biological need such as hunger thirst and touch.

evolutionary psychology

________ focuses on how many humans have adapted the behaviors required for survival in the face of environmental challenges over time

learned helplessness

People who are exposed repeatedly to unpleasant events over which they have no control may become passively resigned to those outcomes. this is called__________.


_________psychology looks at how the actual or imagined presence of others affect our thoughts, feeling and behaviors.

primacy effect

Our overall impression of, and attitude toward, an individual is often predominantly influenced by the first information we receive about the person, rather than the information that comes later. this phenomenon is called the_______


We tend to____attractive people more than we do less attractive people.

spend more time looking at attractive faces

When six-month old infants are given pictures of attractive and unattractive adult faces to look at, they tend to__________


Research shows that_______is one of the characteristics that does the most to make an individual's body and face appear attractive

the bystander effect

A car crash woke john from his afternoon nap. when he looked out his window, he saw several people milling around two smashed cars. he decided not to dial 911 because he assumed someone already called. johns reaction is an example of__________


The hormone associated with aggression seems to be_____


The term that refers to the fact that interpersonal attraction is influenced by physical availability is_________

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