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Psychology 201 test 3

According to Erikson, the major personality achievement of adolescence is development of _________.
Erikson called the psychological conflict of adolescence identity versus __________.
Role Confusion
Current theorists agree that for most young people, identity development is not traumatic and disturbing but, rather, a process of ______ followed by _________.
Exploration; commitment
Which of the following statements exemplifies 15 year old Noah's awareness that psychological qualities can vary from on situation to the next?
"I have a very quick temper"
Shelby accepts her family's religious beliefs without question. She is characterized by identity __________.
Laurent plans to major in engineering in college. When asked if he might change his career path, he responds, "I might, but I doubt it. I've spent a lot of time studying my options. Im pretty sure engineering is right for me." Laurent is demonstrating identity _________.
Which of the following is true about Lawrence Kohlberg's "Heinz dilemma"?
Kohlberg emphasized that it is the way an individual reasons about the dilemma that determines moral maturity.
In response to the Heinz dilemma, Ruby explains, "It doesn't make sense to put respect for property above respect for life itself. Respect for human life is absolute." Ruby is at which of Kohlberg's stages of moral development?
Stage 6: The universal ethical principle orientation
Ken, age 14, has trouble concentrating, sleeps excessively, eats little, and has low energy. These might be symptoms of _________.
Which of the following is true about adolescent suicide?
Gay, lesbian, and bisexual youths are at a high risk for suicide.
Dr. Rodin is conducting a study on environmental factors that contribute to telomere length. Dr. Rodin can expect to find that telomere shortening _________.
Predicts earlier death
Which of the following individuals has a higher risk of hypertension and heart disease?
Sharese, an African-American femal
WHen overweight and obesity rates are combines, ______ percent of Americans are considered to be at an unhealthy weight.
67 percent
Alcoholism is a more common problem in cultures where alcohol is
a carefully controlled sign of adulthood
Younger students who divide information, values, and authority into right and wrong or good and bad engage in ___________.
dualistic thinking.
In college, Edward came to the realization that his own beliefs were often subjective. He noted that his roommate, who held vastly different beliefs from his own, had his own "truth". Edward was engaged in ____________.
Relativistic thinking
Karen considered two theories she studied in her college philosophy course. She determined that neither theory was entirely accurate, and she tried to formulate a more satisfying perspective that synthesized contradictions. Karen was engaged in _________.
Commitment within relativistic thinking
Max enjoys working with ideas; Madison is emotional and has a high need to individual expression. According to Holland's six personality types, Max is _______ and Madison is __________.
investigative; artistic
Which 22 year old is the most likely to experience emerging adulthood?
Percy, a high SES male in the United Kingdom
According to Erikson, the psychological conflict of early adulthood is ________.
Intimacy versus isolation
Some aspects of ___________, such as childbearing and child rearing, are under way in early adulthood.
Which of the following is true about mate selection?
Little support exists for the idea that opposites attract.
Because Jessie's past relationships jabe neem characterized by jealousy and emotional distance, she feels a great deal of mistrust toward her romatic partners. She is anxious about people getting too close and stresses the need for independence in her relationships. Based on this information, we can conclude that Jessie has a(n) _______ attachment history.
Emma left home to attend college and lived on her own until she got married. As her own children grew up and left home, her parenting responsibilities declined. She eventually retired and her husband died. This sequence of life phases that Emma has experienced is reffered to as the ___________.
family life cycle.
Which of the following young adults is the most likely to live with his parents?
Jose, a Hispanic American
The average age of first marriage in the United States has
Increased for both men and women over the last half century.
Michael, age 50, has noticed a hearing loss, especially at high frequencies. He feels that his hearing is not as sharp as it once was. Michael probably has a condition called __________.
As adults age, the skin _______.
loses elasticity and begins to sag.
Which layer of the skin gives it flexibility?
Reduction in bone density during adulthood is _________.
Karla, age 60, has debilitating disorder involving a great loss of bone strength. Karla suffers from ____________.
Mr. Chamberlain is 53. According to his doctor, Mr. Chamberlain's fertility has diminished but is retained. Mr. Chamberlain has reached the midlife reproductive transition called _________.
the climacteric.
Which person is the most likely to be affected by osteoporosis?
Jessica, who is thin with a small body frame
Jennifer, age 45, is a girl scout leader. She states that she really enjoys giving to and guiding the next generation. According to Erikson, Jennifer has developed a sense of _________.
Which of the following adults probably has a sense of stagnation?
Jill, who takes little interest in her grown children
Betty just celebrated her fifteenth birthday. She celebrated by taking hang-gliding lessons and purchasing a more mature wardrobe. According to Levinson, Betty in engaged in which developmental task?
________ is associated with favorable personality traits and adjustment.
Kim devoted her early adulthood to raising her daughter. When Kim turned 45, she became active in community theater, which had been a passion in adolescence. She also volunteered in the community. According to Levinson, Kim is engaged in which developmental task?
According to parental imperative theory, after children reach adulthood, ________.
Parents are free to express the "other-gender" side of their personalities.
Which of the following women will probably become increasingly outspoken in her early fifties?
Siobhan, a partner in a law firm
Androgyny in adulthood is associated with __________.
advanced moral reasoning and psychosocial maturity.
Ron and Paul love being grandparents. They are thrilled to be leaving behind not just one but two generations after death. Which grandparenthood gratification is probably most important to them?
immortality through descendants
A person who lists being a valued elder as a gratification of grandparenthood values ____________.
being perceived as a wise, helpful person.