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Color also evokes an emotional response, in which certain colors are associated with
particular feelings or concepts, such as the color ____ for assertive, powerful, sexy, and dangerous
Two child elements that share the same parent are referred to as ______ elements.
The amount of space between words is called ____.
Case 3-1
Art's Woodworking Shop is trying to design a Web page with CSS. Art would like create the new design based on the latest elements and styles from HTML and CSS. He has created a few sample pages:
home.htm ---describes the business and contact information
Product.htm ---list of product descriptions
Custom.htm ---list of custom products

The design applied to a Web site is usually a combination of several style sheets. Art has submitted three Web pages with style sheets. Art needs to remember the ____style sheet interpreted by the browser is the one built in to the browser itself.
A typeface in which a small ornamentation appears at the tail end of each
character is _____.
If two style rules have equal specificity, and thus equal importance, then the one that is defined _____ in the style sheet is the one used.
____ units express font size relative to the size of other objects within the Web page.
Adding all three primary colors-red, green and blue-at maximum intensity produces the color _____, while adding any two of the three primary colors at maximum intensity produces the trio of complementary colors—yellow, magenta, and cyan.
Many Web browsers now include _______ tools to allow page designers to
track each style back to its source.
Extending the first line of text to the left of the text block creates a ____ indent.
According to the text, which version of XHTML has yet to be released?
The doctype is used by ______, which are programs that examine document code to ensure that it meets all the syntax requirements of the specified language.
Case-Based Critical Thinking Questions

Case 1-1
Lucy wants to develop a Web page to display her information. She wants to just start with a basic page that lists her accomplishments, her work history, and the different computer classes she has taken. She would like each section clearly identified.

Lucy's page will require at least ____ headings for what she wants to display.
A host that provides storage space for saving and retrieving files is called a _______.
file server
______ includes the blank spaces, tabs, and line breaks found within the file.
white space
A Web ____ makes a page available to users of the Web.
If an element contains text or another element, it is marked using a ______tag set in which an opening tag and a closing tag enclose the element content.
The document ______ is not displayed within the page, but is usually display in a browser's title bar or on a browser tab.
Case-Based Critical Thinking Questions

Case 1-2
Ted is asked to create a page of family photos for his family reunion Web site. He will have about 20 pictures to post, with a caption that he wants to display before each one. Each picture is a group photo of a particular family.

Which tag will Ted need to use to display the pictures?
A ____ defines the size of the page and its elements as a percentage of the screen width, meaning that a Web page and its elements are wider on a wider screen.
fluid layout
To apply the styles to every element nested within the body element, the style rule uses a(n) ____ selector.
A popular design element is the ____, which consists of an enlarged initial letter in a body of text that drops down into the text body.
drop cap
If images overlap, the ____ images listed appear on top of subsequent images.
The ____ contains the content and padding as well as the box border.
border box
The style rule ____ applies a 10-pixel margin above and below every h1 element, and a 20-pixel margin to the left and right.
h1 {margin: 10px 20px;}
Browser extensions that are not part of the official CSS specifications can be identified through the use of a ____ that indicates the browser vendor that created and supports the property.
vendor prefix
Columns and column groups accept only four styles: border, background, ____, and visibility.
Cascading Style Sheets included support for Web tables starting with ____.
Data cells in a Web table are displayed using a ____ tag.
Text formatted with the <th> tag is displayed in a(n) ____ font.
With the frame value ____, a border is drawn only on the right-hand side of the table.
Given the syntax <table rules="type">, which of the following is a value for type?
With ____, you can apply the full range of CSS styles not available to columns and column groups.
By default, cell text is placed ____.
in the middle of the cell, aligned with the cell's left edge
Spanning cells are created by inserting a ____ attribute in a <td> or <th> tag.
rowspan or colspan
If two borders have the same width but different styles, ____ borders have the highest priority.
Most Web designers use ____ pathnames in their hypertext links.
Two points define a rectangular hotspot: the ____ and the ____ corner.
upper-left, lower-right
A ____ specifies a precise location on the Web for a file.
A(n) ____ is a set of rules that governs how information is exchanged.
A(n) ____ links each page with the pages that follow and precede it.
linear structure
Case-Based Critical Thinking Questions

Case 2-1
Ryan's Web Design wants to create a navigational menu using a picture that Ryan has created in MS Paint. The picture includes text names of the various Web sites for which he would like to create links. Each section of the picture he wants to make into links is not regularly shaped; instead they are more like trapezoids.

Ryan wants descriptive text to be displayed for each hotspot in non-graphical browsers. Which attribute should he use?
Map elements can be placed anywhere within the body of the Web page because they are not actually displayed by the browser, but used as references for mapping ____ to inline images.
To create a polygonal hotspot, you enter the coordinates for each ____ in the shape.
Which of the following absolute pathnames is interpreted as "the parks.htm file is in the extra folder, which is a subfolder of the /tutorial02/case1 folder"?
If the path and filename are left off the URL, the server returns the ____.
default home page
Which input type creates a field that is not viewable on the form?
type= "hidden"
Each control element in which the user can enter information is called a(n) ____.
To group option buttons so that selecting one deselects all of the others, you must make the ____ attribute the same.
Selection lists usually appear in a ____ box.
drop-down list
By default, the ____ tag displays one option from the selection list, along with a list arrow to view additional selection options.
Which input type displays an input box that hides text entered by the user?
type= "password"
When a form is submitted, the server receives the data in ____ pairs.
Typically, users navigate through a Web form using the _____ key, which moves the cursor

from one field to another in the order that the field tags are entered into the HTML file.
Option buttons are sometimes called ____ buttons.
To define a default value for a field, use the following syntax: ____.
<input value= "value" />
A ____ should be used to provide visual indication that option buttons belong in the same group.
To create an action for a(n) ____ button, you have to write a script or program that runs automatically when the button is clicked.
To create a button that will allow a user to send the form data to the server, you use a type of ____.
The ____ attribute has two possible values: get and post.
Information entered into a field is called the field ____.
To make a check box selected by default, you add ____.
Text ____ are used for extended entries that can include several lines of text.
You can change the number of options displayed in a selection list by modifying the ____ attribute.
With the embed element, the width and height of the object are measured in ____.
For browsers that don't support the HTML5 video element, to embed a video file, you can use the ____ element.
For her stereo-recorded audio interviews, Sadie should use the ____ file format.
Large sound and video files cause the most trouble for users with low-____ connections.
The ____ format synthesizes musical sounds by recording each note's pitch, length, and volume.
____ is a proprietary audio format developed by Microsoft to compete with MP3s.
A(n) ____ clip should provide users with important information that cannot be conveyed in any other way.
There are ____ main file formats involved in creating a Flash video.
____ employs resusable software components that can be run from within a variety of Windows programs.
A(n) ____ file can provide real-time interactive animation for the viewer.
A conditional comment uses ____ to specify the condition for Internet Explorer.
<!-- [if condition IE version] >
The number of frames shown in each unit of video is expressed as ____.
Each measurement of a sound wave is called a(n) ____.
A(n) ____ composition is smaller than a WAV or an MP3 file, but cannot include speech.
____ are programs that enable the browser to work with an embedded object.
A proprietary file format developed by Adobe to deliver video over the Internet using the popular Adobe Flash Player is ____.
flash video
The ____ element is used to store inline frames, which are windows into the content of another Web page or Internet resource.
___ sound files have 8-bit sample resolutions, use a sampling rate of 8 KHz, and are recorded in mono.
The most popular sound file format for downloading and storing music is ____.
To define styles under landscape orientation, use the @media rule, setting the orientation to ____.
Graphic borders are applied to an object using the CSS3 style border-image: url.(url) slice repeat; where ____ is the size of the border image cut off to create the borders.
With a(n) ____, you can develop and test your Web site designs and create your own custom mobile Web apps without actually owning the hardware device.
The @media rule enables you to consolidate all of your ____ within a single sheet.
Software Solutions, Incorporated maintains a Web site that displays their different products for users to view before deciding to purchase them. They have come to you to upgrade their Web site to allow customers to view their products, create online product brochures, and post their comments on products.
Your first step is to review the existing Web site for Software Solutions. They want to change the appearance of the h1 Heading by adding a drop shadow around each of the letters. To add drop shadows you would use the ____ style.
To rotate an object counter-clockwise, you use a(n) ____ value for the angle of rotation.
Mya's Hat Shop currently has a product Web site with various hat photos. She would like to apply a border image, create a semi-transparent object ,and allow customers to print the photos. Mya has hired you to update the Web site.

To make two of the photos appear semi-transparent so that part of the gradient appears through the photos, use CSS3 style

opacity: value; where the value ____ is completely transparent.
To remove a text-shadow, set the value of the text-shadow style to ____.
SS3 introduced ____ to allow Web designers to associate style sheets not just with devices, but with devices that have specific screen sizes, color resolutions, page orientations, and other display features.
media queries
Internet Explorer's ____ filter also can be used to create gradient effects in which a page object appears to fade away in a linear, radial, or rectangular direction.
Positive ____ come out of the page toward users, while negative values recede away from users.
To allow the printer to determine whether or not to insert a page break, use the type ____.
____ uses media groups to describe how different media devices render content.
Another type of gradient supported by CSS3 is a ____ gradient, in which color blending starts from a single point within the object and proceeds outward in a circular or elliptical shape.
The ratio of the width of the display to the height of the display defines the ____ media feature.
The page box is composed of two areas: the page area, which contains the content of the document, and the ____ area, which contains the space between the printed content and the edges of the page.
The clear attribute is a prohibited attribute of the ____ element, in the strict DTD.
To specify what the correct content and structure for a document should be, the document developers create a collection of rules called the ____.
Any XHTML document that omits the ____ element is rejected.
____ is a language like SGML used to create markup languages but without SGML's complexity and size.
The code <font color=" red">Hi</font> would not be considered valid code under the ____ DTD.
The ____ DTD supports many of the presentational features of HTML.
The alt attribute is a required attribute of the ____ element.
____ is a markup language introduced in 1980 that describes the structure and content of documents or of any type of information that is readable by machines.
Documents written in MathML and CML are ____ documents.
____ should be used for encoding unless you are using special international characters.
A ____ can also indicate the encoding used in an XHTML document.
meta element
The path to a cleaner version of HTML involved rewriting HTML in terms of ____.
Parsers and browsers essentially ignore ____.
Some DTDs represent older versions of ____.
When converting old HTML code to XHTML, make sure that attribute values are placed in ____.
Which of the following are allowed under the strict DTD?
The action attribute is a required attribute of the ____ element.
Microsoft introduced the ____ element into its browser when it saw a need for internal frames.