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Lesson 5 Key Words


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microbe n.
An organism invisible to the naked eye, especially one that causes disease.
microcosm n.
A miniature world; something that resembles something else on a very small scale.

microcosmic, adj.
minuscule adj.
Extremely small.
minutia n.
A small or trivial detail.

Plural is minutiae
attenuate v.
1. To make slender or small.

2. To weaken; to reduce in force or value.
tenuous adj.
1. Thin in form.

2. Flimsy; having little substance or validity.

tenuously, adv.
satiate v.
To satisfy an appetite fully; to gratify to excess.

satiation, n.; satiety n.
comply v.
To do as one is asked or ordered.

compliance, n.; compliant, adj.; compliancy, n.
implement n.
A tool or utensil.
replete adj.
1. Well-stocked or abundantly supplied.

2. Completely filled; utterly satisfied.

repletion, n.; repletely, adv.
expletive n.
An exclamation or oath, often obscene.

expletory, adj.