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Chapter 8: Budgets and Financial Records

financial plan
An orderly program for spending, saving, and investing the money you receive is known as a ________.
disposable income
Money you have to spend as you wish--after all required taxes and deductions-- is known as______.
A _______ is an organized plan whereby you match your expected income with your expenses and savings.
A computer program that organizes data for easy search and retrieval is a ______.
A ________ is a statement about a product's qualities or performance that the seller assures the buyer are true.
Expenses that remain constant and cannot be easily changed or removed from a budget are called ________ expenses.
Expenses that may change according to needs and short-term goals are called _____ expenses.
A ______ is a person who promises to pay the debt of another person.
Items of value that a person owes are called _____.
Amounts of money owed to others, also known as debts, are called_____.
net worth
When you subtract your debts from the total amount of things you own, the difference is known as _____.
cash surplus
When income exceeds expenses, the difference is called_______.
A legally enforceable agreement between two or more parties to do or not to do something is called a _______.
Unwritten agreements, often called ______ contracts, are created by the actions of conduct of someone.
Anything of value exchanged as part of a contract is called ______.
competen parties
______ are persons who are legally able to give sane and intelligent consent and are legally capable of entering into contracts.
negotiable instrument
A ______ is a document that is a written order to release or issue money, the most common of which is a check.
When a document is _______, the signature must be verified by a notary public.
The person who creates and signs a promissory notes is called the ______.
The person to whom the negotiable instrument is made payable to is called the______.
The word______ means legally collectible.
A ______ program organizes data in columns and rows and preforms calculations using the data.