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Elizabeth Proctor

finds a rabbit in the corner

John Proctor

has an affair with Abigail

Reverend Hale

Came from Beverly to help with the witch issues


Parris slave

Mary Warren

works for the Proctors, is an official of the court, and gave Elizabeth a poppet

Abigail Williams

boss of younger girls, had an affair with John Proctor, and accuses Elizabeth of being a witch

Goody Putnam

lost 7 babies during birth, mother to Ruth

Rebecca Nurse

accused of murdering Goody Putnam's children at birth

Ezekiel Cheever

Clerk of the court

How is John and Elizabeth's relationship at the beginning of Act II?

Strained - still very little trust

Why does Elizabeth want John to go to Salem?

She wants John to tell that the girls were not afflicted with witchcraft.

Why does John blush when he passes Abigail in church?

The shame at the memory of the affair.

Why does Abigail feel that John blushes?

Because he is still interested in her.

What does the metaphor "The promise that a stallion gives a mare I gave that girl" mean?

The affair was based on lust and passion not love

How has Reverend Hale changed since Act I?

He is feels that the witch hunt is helping to destroy innocent people and shatter families

Why has Hale come to visit the Proctors?

He wants to determine the validity of Abigail's charges against Elizabeth.

When Mary Warren says "they will not hang them if they confess." Do you believe she truly understands the witchcraft trials and consequences?

No. It is a very abstract concept. She believes if they confess, they will just go to jail.

How is the accusation of Elizabeth different of those before her?

Elizabeth is well-respected and married. The others were not married and outcasts.

When Elizabeth states that "she wants me dead. I knew all week it would come to this." To whom is she referring?

Abigail Williams

Why would Abigail want her gone?

So she can have John to herself

Why is Rebecca Nurse accused of being a witch?

She allegedly killed Goody Putnam's babies

Can Proctor recount all 10 commandments?


Which one does he forget?


Why does Proctor make a point that Elizabeth cannot lie?

To establish her credibility

Why does Elizabeth speak so boldly to Reverend Hale?

She has been so deeply hurt that she feels her honor and honesty are all she has left

When Francis refers to Rebecca being the "very brick and mortar of the church," what does he mean?

He suggests that she is a pillar of the community, solid in her beliefs, and upright in character

How does Cheever feel about being the clerk of the court?

Enjoys the status and power, but regrets having to carry out the deeds

How did the courts know Elizabeth had a poppet?

Abigail told them

What do they find in the poppet?

A needle in the stomach

Who else had a needle in the stomach?

Abigail Williams

Who most likely put the needle in Abigail's stomach?

She did

Why would Abigail put a needle in her stomach?

To have one more motive to accuse Elizabeth of being a witch

Why won't people stand up to Abigail and the court?

They are afraid of being accused in turn.

Why does John want Mary to testify in court?

He wants her to say how Elizabeth got the poppet and who stuck the needle in it.

What can we infer about why Mary really gave Elizabeth the poppet?

Abigail will use it to frame Elizabeth

Who is the Protagonist in Act II?

John because he is a good man who briefly went astray

Who is the Antagonist in Act II?

Abigail because she is deliberately setting out to shatter a family.

How does Mary save herself from getting a whipping from John Proctor?

She tell him that she saved Elizabeth life that day

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