FCE Phrasal Verbs

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break up
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break up
to end; to separate.
(of a marriage / a family / a relationship etc.)
Image: break up
bring up
to take care of a child until it is fully grown and able to
care for itself; to train and prepare a child for adult life.
Image: bring up
calm down
to become less excited and tense; to help someone (or a
difficult situation) to become less excited and tense.
Image: calm down
carry out
to fulfil or perform (something).
instructions / a duty / an order / a threat / a test etc.
Image: carry out
check in
to report one's arrival.
at a hotel, an airport etc.
Image: check in
cheer up
to become happier.
Image: cheer up
come up with
to think of; to produce.
an idea / a plan / a suggestion etc.
Image: come up with
cut down on
to reduce In size or amount.
smoking / cigarettes / drinking / spending /
production etc.
Image: cut down on
cut off
to disconnect, interrupt or discontinue something or
Image: cut off
die out
to disappear completely; to become extinct.
Image: die out
do up
to repair; to improve the condition and appearance of
a house / a room / a flat / an old car etc.
Image: do up
drop off
to stop a vehicle and let someone get out; to take
something (or someone) to a place and leave it there
Image: drop off
fall out
to quarrel.
Image: fall out
fill in
a form/a questionnaire etc. to complete (a form).
Image: fill in
find out
to make an effort to discover or get to know (something).
the truth / a secret / an address / the time /
Image: find out