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Art Appreciation Quiz 7

The working surface from which a print is made is called a___________________.
woodcut; Chinese
The oldest form of printmaking is_______, and most likely the first people to use it were the ancient _____________.
Woodcut; Below
Zhao Xiaomo's "Family by the Lotus Pond is an _____________. The areas that were not meant to be printed were carved out _______________the surface of the wood.
Woodcuts; Hard, non-directional surface
__________make use of the flat surface of wooden boards, but wood engravings use the end sections of the boards, yielding a _________.
Percise lines
In Paul Landacre's "Growing Corn" we see a good example of ________and __________ that can be obtained from the skillful use of wood engraving.
Intaglio; Metal Plates
__________prints are created by using _________ into which lines have been incised.
Etching; Acid Bath
__________is an intaglio process in which the matrix is covered with a waxy substance and the design is drawn into this substance. The completed matrix drawing is then put into an __________.
In "The Painter and His Model" Picasso was able to approximate the effects of mezzotint with a much simpler technique known as ___________
Soft-ground etching
______is a type of etching that can be used to produce the effects of crayon or pencil drawings.
only yields a single unique image
A monotype differs from all other printmaking techniques because ____________.
The popularity of relief printing declined with the introduction of the _________ process, which did not appear until the 15th century.
Wash Drawings
Aquatint is frequently used along with line etching to mimic the effects produced by ________________.
Color lithograph
Chinese artist Wang Guangyi, "Great Criticism: Coca-Cola" is a _______________ that resembles a commercially anti-American propaganda poster.