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Art Appreciation Quiz 8

The advent of the camera replaced the age-old need of art to imitate nature as closely as possible, and this change, in turn, led to the development of 20th century artistic _________________.
to write with light
The word photography is derived from Greek roots meaning ______________.
human eye
In both the camera and the ________, light enters a narrow opening and is projected onto a photosensitive surface.
When a camera shutter opens for a few thousandths of a second over and over in quick succession, ______ shots are being taken.
Telephoto lenses
An ____________ magnifies faraway objects and collapses the spaces between ordinarily distant objects.
Emulsion;Silver halide
The "active layer" of film contains an ________ of small particles of __________ and _________.
Heliography; Joseph Niepce
The first photographic process to leave a permanent image was invented in 1826 and known as ______ and was invented by ____________.
Daguerreotype; Louis-Jaques-Mande' Daguerre
"The Artist Studio" was taken in 1837, and was the first photo graph of its kind produced on silver plated copper known as a ____________print and invented by whom?
William Henry Talbot; negative
___________ is credited with making the first photogenic ________ from paper embedded with silver chloride which he topped with various objects and exposed to the sun. Who is the artist and what is he credited with?
Autochrome; Auguste and Louis Lumiere
After the daguerreotype, the next major advancement in the history of photography was the development of the ____ process, an example of which is "Young Lady with an Umbrella" 1906, discovered by whom ___________?
Picasso's "Old Guitarist"
William Wegman's "Blue Period" is a canine spoof on ___________.
A growing middle class
By the 1850s, photographic portrait studios became quite popular and began to serve the needs of ________.
Zoopraxiscope; Muybride
This artist generally credit with performing the first successful experiments in motion pictures, He first employed this technique using a tool he invented called a _______ which projected images onto a screen.
Cindy Sherman; French Vogue
Dress designers began to ask this artist to use their haute contour in her photographs such as in Untitled and were actually shot as part of advertising assignment for what magazine? Who is the artist and what was the name of the magazine?
Dara Birnbaum
This artist explores how technology and media function in culture through a collusion of art and television. Who is this artist?