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Cornelius Vanderbilt
United States financier who accumulated great wealth from railroad and shipping businesses (1794-1877)
Alexander G. Bell
American inventor of the telephone
Thomas Edison
Inventor of lightbulb, phonograph and numerous other innovations
Andrew Carnegie
Built a steel mill empire; US STEEL
John D. Rockerfeller
often referred to as the richest person in history, this man founded Standard Oil and became a philanthropist who contributed to many worthy projects including but not limited to medicine, scientific research and education.
Samuel Gompers
United States labor leader (born in England) who was president of the American Federation of Labor from 1886 to 1924 (1850-1924)
Vertical Intergration
acquiring control of all the steps required to change raw materials into finished product
Horizontal Intergration
term for allying with competitors to monopolize a given market
Men that were known for monopolistic corpurations
Union Pacific
railroad which extended from Omaha, Nebraska westward
Central Pacific
railroad which extended from sacramento, california eastward
an association formed by farmers in the last 1800s to make life better for farmers by sharing information about crops, prices, and supplies
US Steel
powerful and wealthy 19th century steel corporation founded by Andrew Carnagie and JP morgan
Gospel of Wealth
People in the world who were destined to become rich and help society
New south
Term that identified southern promoters' belief in the technologically advanced industrial South
Haymarket Riot
A planned strike by the Knights of Labor results in police confrontation and a bomb
American federation of Labor
Federation of craft labor unions lead by Samuel Gompers that arose out of dissatisfaction with the Knights of Labor