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The recent trend in racially mixed marriages has been

upward-the numbers are increasing.

The incest taboo

is found in all societies.

A system of marriage that unites one woman with two or more men is called


Karl Marx believed that religion

supports social inequality.

Extensive civil liberties make democratic societies more vulnerable to terrorism.


The sociologist closely associated with the power-elite model is C. Wright Mills.


The global economy pays little regard to national borders.


Religion is a social institution that is BEST defined as involving

beliefs and practices concerning what is sacred.

The U.S. workforce is becoming more "white," even as immigration rates rise.


The concept "military-industrial complex" refers to the close association among the federal government, the military, and defense industries.


Large corporations dominate many markets in the global economy.


Guided by the symbolic-interaction approach, sociologists examine

All of these are correct.

Patterns that describe many Latino families include

All of these are correct.

Which of the following would you expect to be the LEAST stable type of religious organizations?


Authority refers to power that people perceive as coercive.


The U.S. Census Bureau defines the "family" as

people living together who are linked by birth, marriage, or adoption.

Describing the lives of working-class women, Lillian Rubin reported that the typical woman said she wanted a husband who

had a steady job and was not violent.

What is the effect of industrialization on the number of children in a typical family?

Families have fewer children.

Oligopoly refers to any company that operates in more than one country.


To which region of the world would you travel if you wanted to visit many countries where the law permits polygamy?


Typically, industrial societies make use of which of the following systems to trace ancestry?

bilateral descent

The concept "endogamy" refers to marriage between

people of the same social category.

Democracy and rational-legal authority are linked, just as monarchy and traditional authority are linked.


The concept "patrilocality" refers to

a residential pattern by which a married couple lives near the husband's family.

The concept "state capitalism" refers all productive enterprises in a country being owned by the government.


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