Forensics -- fall exam


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follicle; shaft
Hair is made of two parts, a _____ and a _____.
small molecule that may bond to other molecules to become a polymer is a _____.
Which feature of hair is MOST important in making an individual identification?
Bits of pigment found in the cortex of a hair are called ______.
inner; outer
The hair shaft is made up of 3 layers: an _____ medulla, a cortex, and an _____ cuticle.
The _____ is the naturally transparent layer of the hair shaft.
The cortex of hair derives its major forensic importance from the fact that it contains
True or False:
Two hairs from the same head may not have the same morphological characteristics.
both medulla and cuticle
Hair can best be characterized as originating from an animal by examining:
absent medulla or less than 1/3 the diameter of the shaft
A human head hair is best characterized by
natural or synthetic
Fibers are classified as either
In humans, the _____ is the largest part of the hair shaft
A type of protein made up of a chain of amino acids that makes hair both strong and flexible is
class evidance
Hair is considered
True or False:
The main purpose of hair is to regulate body temperature
The period of the life cycle when hair is naturally shed is called the _________ stage
plants, animals, and minerals from the ground
Natural fibers come from
All plant fibers share the common polymer that is known as
a very round cross sections causing hair to be straight
What is a general trait of hair from Asian ancestry
Hair proceeds through _______ stages as it develops
transparent outer layer of the hair shaft
The cuticle of human hair is described as ___________________________
direct transfer
When fibers are transferred directly from victim to suspect or suspect to victim, this is______
What is the smallest indivisible unit of a textile?
Fibers that have been spun together are called______.
synthetic fiber
What is a fiber made of a manufactured substance such as plastic?
Which print pattern is made of ridge lines that starts and finish on the same side of the print:
had a virtual double with a similar name
Will West was the man who
none to date
Under which circumstances have two people been found to have identical fingerprints
Without outside interference, how do fingerprints change over time?
ridge count
In a loop fingerprint, what piece of information can be obtained between the core and delta
during fetal development
Fingerprints are formed
columnar thin film
Which refers to the new technology where microscopic glass bristles are sprayed onto a print
Prints that are not readily visible are commonly referred to as
impressions that are three-dimensional imprints and can be left in soft materials, such soap
The most common ridge pattern is the
less than
The number of deltas found in an arch is generally _____ the number of deltas found in a whorl.
Which general pattern makes up the smallest percentage of fingerprints?
Juan Vuetich
The first person credited with matching a fingerprint to help solve a crime is
computerized system for storing and retrieving print records
AFIS is a(n):
blood vessels
A retinal scan is concerned with what on the back of the eye
Johann Meyer
The first person to state that no two people have the same fingerprints was:
take a photograph of the print
After dusting for and visualizing a latent print on an object an investigator should next
The triangular region on a pattern where ridge lines converge in 3 different directions is a:
super glue
In what common substance could you find the chemical cyanoacrylate
single ridge that divides into two ridges
ending ridge
ridge that ends abruptly
independent ridge with approximately equal length and width
contracts, passports and letters
Questioned documents include:
statement analysis
An analysis of a declaration that indicates whether a person is being truthful or deceptive is
piece of writing such as a historic letter or a manuscript
Literary forgery refers to the forgery of a:
A standard document of known origin and authorship used in handwriting analysis is a(n):
What substance reacts with ink from a pen in counterfeit currency
When a material gain, such as money, accompanies a forgery, it is called
questioned document
Any signature, handwriting,or other written mark whose source or authenticity is in dispute is
the process used by criminals to make, alter, or falsify with intent to deceive another
A person who studies the personality of the writer based on handwriting samples is a
Frank Abagnale's 1st fake career was
Who eventually offered Abagnale a second chance
Handwriting analysis first qualified as expert testimony by US Court of Appeals in what year
feel of paper
What is the #1 security feature guarding against counterfeit currency
secret service
(F.I.S.H.) is a computerized handwriting database used and maintained by what agency
Mark Hofmann's most significant forgery included documents from which religious group
Tommie Lee Andrews
Who was the first person in the US to be convicted of any crime using DNA?
Colin Pitckfork
Who was the first person in the WORLD to be convicted using DNA?
Which of the following is not a Nitrogen Base found in DNA?
restriction enzyme
Molecular Scissors that cut DNA at specific base sequences are called ____.
gel electrophoresis
The method of separating the DNA molecules in an electric field
Tandem repeats of short DNA sequences (2-5 base pairs) are called _____.
Where would you find DNA showing maternal heritage?
Ian Simms
Who was the first person in the US to be convicted of MURDER using DNA?
inheritance matching
The term for DNA profiling used to determine the relatedness of 2 individuals
cold and dry
What type of container should be used to store DNA at the crime scene?
identical twins
In what instance could 2 people have the same DNA?
The total amount of DNA in a cell is called the human ____.
dioxiribose sugar and a phosphate
The backbone of a DNA molecule is similar to the outer frame of a ladder. What is it made of?
23 pairs of chromosomes
In the nucleus of most human body cells, there are
The specific location where a gene may be found is called a
When a strand of DNA is coiled up and wound tightly, what do we call it?
a double helix that resembles a twisted ladder
How do we describe the structure of DNA?
DNA is found in what cell organelle?
What are alternative forms of a gene?
Which Forensic Science specialty deals with the study of the mind?
Which forensic specialty deals with identifying human remains
Which Forensic Specialty investigates cause and manner of death?
Which Forensic specialty involves the investigation of teeth?
Which forensic Specialty investigates poisons and drugs?
J Edgar Hoover
Who was the Father of the FBI?
questioned documents
Which Forensic specialty would check the authenticity of a signature?
What type of analysis provides a statement or description using words?
American Academy of Forensic Science
What national Forensic organization was started in 1948?
Where is the Alabama Department of Forensic Science Located?
making an observation
What usually begins the process of scientific methods?
Which Forensic Science specialty investigates failure analysis and accident reconstruction?
peer reviewed
If your scientific work is evaluated by others working in the same field, it is
What group has the largest crime lab in the world?
Where is the Birmingham regional lab located?
Los Angeles
Who had the first Crime lab in the US?
Which type of test is more likely to be done at the crime scene?
control sample
Fibers collected from a suspects home are considered ________
What is the Forensic Study of insects?
confirmatory test
A CSI finds a red liquid at a crime scene an IDs it as blood. At the lab, he will perform a
DNA evidence to provide conclusive proof of guilt
The Innocence Project was created in 1992 to reexamine post-conviction cases using
Innocence Project faulty eyewitness identifications accounted for what % of convictions
What word best describes trace evidence:
group of persons or things
Class evidence narrows an identity to:
A forensic scientist is called to a court of law to provide:
The first to arrive at a crime scene are usually:
Witnesses working together to tell the same story is called:
measurements from at least two landmarks
Which of the following should always be included in a final sketch:
Securing the crime scene is the responsibility of the first responding:
staged crime scene
When a murder or burglary is made to look like an arson, what has occurred:
physical evidence
The fibers found on victims in "The Atlanta Child Murders" case study is an example of:
biological evidence
The blood stain on Chester Weger's coat in the "Lillian Oetting" case study is an example of:
Locard's principle
When two people come in contact with each other, a physical cross-transfer occurs. This is:
Forensic Science is the application of science to:
sketch of the suspects
A rough sketch should NOT include a:
This type of evidence narrows an identity to a single person or thing:
A folded paper used to hold trace evidence is a
chain of custody
The documented and unbroken transfer of evidence is a