Galaxies Quiz

What is true of galaxies at the larger redshifts compared to ones nearby?
They appear smaller & more irregular.
Among the ellipticals, E0 looks the most like huge globular star clusters. True or False?
Galactic disks appear blue because?
O and B blue giants are much brighter than G, K, or M dwarfs.
The first attempt to map the Galaxy via star counts was done by who?
William Herschel in the late eighteenth century.
Which property is common to spiral galaxies?
ongoing star formation and emission nebula in the arms
Based on galactic rotation curves and cluster dynamics, we think dark matter ?
comprises over 90% of the entire mass of the universe.
The Virgo Cluster of galaxies is smaller than the Local Group. True or False?
Most of the new star formation in the Galaxy is found in the?
spiral arms.
Which of these would be made up of only population II stars?
elliptical galaxies
You observe a spiral galaxy with a large central bulge and tightly wrapped arms. It would be classified as?
Population I stars came billions of years before Population II stars. True or False?
It is harder to map the structure of the Milky Way in visible wavelengths than with radio and infrared waves. True or False?
What observations suggest the mass of the Galaxy goes much farther out than its visible disc?
the rotation curve of the outermost portions of the disc
Radio galaxies emit only radio waves, and are not otherwise observable. True or False
Seyferts are irregular galaxies with very strong radio emission. True or False?
In shape and component stars, elliptical galaxies are most like our own what?
Rotation curves for spiral galaxies show?
most have dark halos.
A Population II star could have terrestrial planets orbiting it. True or False?
What are Type I supernovae used for?
Standard candles for determining distances to other galaxies.
Quasars may come from mergers of black holes in early galaxies. True or False?
About how many galaxies are presently known in our Local Group?
From the Sun, the distance to the Galactic Center is about ?
8 kpc.
Which type of galaxy has a stellar disk, but without gas and dust?
What is true of the Local Group?
The Andromeda galaxy (M31), and the Milky Way are the two largest galaxies.
The additional energy given off by active galaxies is because of their higher stellar density. True or False?
The Tully-Fisher relation exists between the galaxy's luminosity and its
Why does the Cepheid distance method fail us beyond about 20 Mpc?
Even with the HST, the most luminous Cepheids are too faint to be seen beyond.
What statement about Population II are true?
1)They are made of almost nothing but hydrogen and helium, 2) The globular clusters are their most obvious groupings, 3) Their orbits around the Galaxy resemble those of comets, AND 4)They formed first as the Galaxy formed.
Unlike spirals, elliptical galaxies do not contain a flattened disk. True or False?
The astronomer who originally classified galaxies into S, E, and Irr was ?
Edwin Hubble.
The flattest of the ellipticals are class
In its early stages, the Milky Way was probably a quasar. True or False?
When observing a quasar, we are probably looking at a stage of evolution in the very early universe. True or False?
According to Hubble's Law, the greater a galaxy's redshift, the
farther it is from us.
Detailed measurements of the disk and central bulge region of our Galaxy suggest our Milky Way is a
barred spiral galaxy.