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  1. Soil Erosion, Desertification, Deforestation
  2. Smog, Pollutants, Acid Rain
  3. Birth Rates, Death Rates, Age Structure, Demographic Transition, Age Structure Diagrams
  4. geographical distribution, population density, growth rate
  5. Weath, Natural, Seasonal Cycles, Human Activity

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  1. In what two ways do we classify our resourcesRenewable, Non-Renewable


  2. ExponentialS-curve, happens when resources are in short supply


  3. Threats to biodiversityExinction and Endangered species, Habitat Fragmentation, Wildlife Products, Biomagnification, Invasive Species


  4. LogisticJ-curve, happens when there is an unlimited source


  5. Water ResourcesPollution, Sewage, Over-Fishing