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Chemical Formulas - 8

Atoms in molecular compounds share electrons.
a depiction of the arrangement of atoms in molecules and polyatomic ions
Structural Formula
a molecule consisting of two atoms, such as an oxygen molecule
diatomic molecule
a bond formed by the sharing of electrons between atoms
covalent bond
a neutral group of atoms joined together by covalent bonds
What is shown by the structural formula of a molecule or polyatomic ion?
the arrangement of bonded atoms
Ionic compounds tend to be _____ at room temperature.
Two or more atoms of different elements covalently bonded together are referred to as __________.
molecular compounds
What is a 'binary covalent compound?'
A covalent compound containing two different types of atoms
What rule is used to determine how many covalent bonds an element can form?
The number of covalent bonds is equal to eight minus the group number
The anion that has the formula ClO— is called the ____.
hypochlorite ion.
A formula unit of calcium bromide has two bromide ions corresponding to each calcium ion in the compound. What is the formula of calcium bromide?
What is the formula for sodium sulfate?
What type of ions have names ending in -ide?
only anions
Aluminum is a group 3A metal. Which ion does Al typically form?
Which of the following is NOT a cation?
a. iron(III) ion
b. sulfate
c. Ca2
d. mercurous ion
Which of the following is true about the composition of ionic compounds?
a. They are composed of anions and cations.
b. They are composed of anions only.
c. They are composed of cations only.
d. They are formed from two or more nonmetallic elements.
They are composed of anions and cations.
Which element, when combined with fluorine, would most likely form an ionic compound?
What is the empirical formula of an ionic compound?
The empirical formula shows the lowest molar ratio of the elements present in a compound
What is the formula weight of a compound?
The sum of the atomic weights for all the atoms in the formula