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Story of the World Book 2 Ch. 8

_________________________ was a Chinese general who united China into one country.
Yang Chien
He founded the __________________ dynasty.
_______________________ founded the next dynasty, which lasted for over 300 years.
Li Yuan
The name of this dynasty was the ______________________ dynasty.
What problem did the emperors have in keeping northern and southern China united?
two large rivers separated the north and the south
What was the name of the new canal that the emperors built?
the Grand Canal
How did the emperors find enough workers to dig the canal?
they forced millions of people to work on it
How did the emperor Yangdi celebrate when the canal was finished?
He went for a ride with his family and all the members of his court
What happened to Yangdi?
the people rebelled and killed him
The years of this dynasty were the Golden Age of China.
What did the Chinese learn how to make during the Golden Age?
What idd Li Yuan do to make his people happy?
*spent money on making cities stronger and cleaner
*decreed that the people of China could follow any religion they wanted to
* encouraged merchants to trade with the people of India and Byzantium
True or False
The people of North and South China didn't get along very well.
True or False
To pay for the new canal, the Chinese emperors forced everyone to pay their taxes ten years ahead of time.
True or False
All of the Chinese emperors were popular with the people.
True or False
The Chinese learned how to print books by using quill pens.
True or False
During the Golden Age, Chinese clothing was rich and elaborate.
True or False
One Chinese story tells of how the army's horses frightened the emperor.
Describe at least two accomplishments the Chinese made during the Golden Age of China.
They learned how to print books. They also learned how to drain the sap from the lacquer trees, color it, and paint it onto wood and cloth. Chinese scientists even learned how to make gunpowder.