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ColonyAn area of land ruled by a far away country.John RolfeThis man saved the colony of Jamestown by introducing a sweet tasting tobacco that could grow in the Virginia soil.RepresentativesPeople who speak for the people who vote for themHouse of buttsThis is the group of representatives that make laws for the people of VirginiaJohn SmithHe was the head of the Jamestown Colony in the beginning. He made a rule that if you did not work you would not eat which saved the colony.PilgrimsThese are people who go on a journey for religious reasons. This is names for the group of the English people who came over to Massachusetts for religious freedom in 1620John WinthropThis man was governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony (Puritan Colony) twelve time starting in 1638. He believed that the colony should be an example to the world how to follow the Bible correctlyNew England ColoniesThese colonies made money from cutting lumber, trapping fur, and fishing and whalingPuritansThese people wanted to purify the Church of England and change it so that it more closely followed the Bible. They were thrown in jail and so they decided to move to New England to start their own society there.Magna CartaA document that gave English citizens the right to rule by law, trial by jury, parliament, and said king would be equal to people under the lawDemocracyRule by the people. It is a type of government where the people vote for the government that rules them. It began in Greece.ParliamentEngland's law making body made up of elected representativesMiddle ColoniesThese colonies were known as the breadbasket of the colonies and people mined ironSouthern ColoniesThese colonies had many smaller farmers and very large plantations.Roger WilliamsThis man was kicked out of Massachusetts because he was the government and church to be separate and wanted to pay Indians for their land. He founded Rhode IslandQuakersThese people came from England to Pennsylvania looking for religious freedom. They believed that everyone had an inner light in them and should be able to preach in church.William PennThis man started the colony of Pennsylvania so that Quakers could have religious freedom.Middle PassageThis is the part of the slaves' trip from Africa to the Colonies when they are in the boat crossing the Atlantic Ocean. It is a horrible journey where over 1 out of 5 of the slaves die.AlliesPeople or countries that agree to help fight with each other if there is a conflictProclamation Line of 1763A British law that said the Colonists could not cross the Appalachian Mountains. All the land west of the mountains was for the IndiansQuartering ActThe Act that said the Colonists had to give the soldiers a places to live and give them food, candles, and a ride so they could protect the Proclamation LineTaxesMoney that is paid to the government to help pay for the things that help the people.PropagandaPartly true information that is spread as complete truth to make you look very good and another person look very bad The killing of a large number of innocent people who cannot defend themselvesSons of LibertyA secret group of Patriots who used violence against British tax collectors, planned protests, and passed out papers on the evils of the British.Boston Tea PartyA large group of Sons of Liberty dressed as Indians dumped tea into the Harbor when the governor of Massachusetts said that the ships of tea would not leave Boston until the tea was unloadedIntolerable ActsActs made to punish Boston for the Boston Tea Party. They closed the Boston harbor, sent more troops to Boston, tried British soldiers for murder in England instead of in the colonies, and restricted town meetings in Massachusetts.Boston MassacreThis event happened in 1770 when a large group of angry Bostonians teased British soldiers and threw snow and stones at the them. British soldiers became scared when the group knocked over soldiers and fired killing 5 ColonistsSugar ActThis act put taxes on imported sugar, coffee and molasses. It also raised a tax on imports that the British had not forced the Colonists to pay before. This law was repealed.Stamp ActA tax on everything that was printed. The colonies formed a Congress to decide what to do. They boycott British goods. The law was repealed.Townshend ActsTaxes on paint, glass, tea, and paper, they were later all repealed except the tax on tea after the Boston MassacreOlive Branch PetitionThis letter was sent to King George III by the 2nd Continental Congress. It said they did not want to go to war and listed the ways England had treated the colonies unfairly and asked for this to changeDeclaration of IndependenceDocument signed by Thomas Jefferson and signed by the 2nd continental congress on July 4th 1776. It told King George that the 13 colonies were their own country now.Articles of ConfederationThis is the document that created the first federal government in the United States. It created a weak national government because the states were afraid of the government having too much power.Federal governmentThe government that controls the whole country.National governmentThe government that controls the whole country.ConstitutionA written plan for how a government should work. This document that created a stronger federal government when the first government was not strong enough to deal with the problems that the new United States facedLegislature or Legislative BranchThis is a group of representatives who make laws for the country.SenatePart of the Legislative branch of the government. It is the house that has an equal number of representatives from each state. It makes laws and it can approve treaties and approve the President's choices for advisors or judges.House of my buttPart of the Legislative branch of the government. It is the house that has one representative for each 30,000 people they are the only ones that can propose new taxesVetoAn official message from the president stating the reasons for rejecting a billChecks and balancesThese are the ways that each branch can check (stop) the power of another branch. Power is divided among the 3 branches to make sure power is balanced and not just taken by one person or 1 branch.Bill of RightsThe first 10 changes (amendments) to the Constitution. These amendments list basic rights and freedoms of Americans that the government cannot take away