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Which individual(s) typically remain with a production after it has officially opened?
a. Scene designer
b. Lighting designer
c. Director
d. Stage manager
e. Both C and D
D) Stage Manager
The entire performance event...including, scenery, costumes, lighting and performers forms a dynamic _______.
a. Episode
b. Composition
c. Compromise
d. Genre
e. Exposition
B) Composition
A device used in video/film production that permits cameras to be moved to locations to make shots that would otherwise be impossible to make.
a. Studio
b. Soundstage
c. Camera Trap
d. Wild Wall
e. C and D
E) C and D
Has overall responsibility of all the technical elements of a production?
a. Director
b. stage manager
c. master carpenter
d. Technical director
e. Costumer
D) Technical Director
To move onstage commonly means:
a. To move into sight
b. Move into the audience
c. To move towards the centerline
d. To move downstage
e. A and C
E) A and C
In comparing performances between proscenium and arena productions: Which statement is NOT true?
a. Scenic Elements become more minimal in arena productions
b. Performers are blocked for a variety of audience perspectives in arena productions
c. Arena productions usually form a more intimate environment
d. Sightlines are more of an issue in proscenium productions
e. All of the above are true
D) sight lines are more of an issue in proscenium productions
Scenic panel(s) or drapes that is/are used to block what an audience sees to the sides of the stage:
a. Legs
b. Sightlines
c. Scrim
d. Cyclorama
e. borders
A) Legs
A video technique of inserting an electronic image onto a neutrally colored surface:
a. Scenic projection
b. Electronic projection
c. Limbo projection
d. Cycloramic projection
e. Chroma key projection
E) chroma key projection
Which effect machine will be most successful at creating a light charge of fog to make the beams of light visible at a concert?
a. Insect fogger
b. Hazer
c. Spencer gift fog/smoke machines
d. Dry ice machine
e. steamer
B) Hazer
The person who is in charge of the lighting shop
a. A lighting designer
b. Stage electricians
c. Journeyman electrician
d. Lighting dude
e. Master electrician
E) master electrician
A nail board is used to:
a. Guide nails so that they don't bend
b. Act as a template when nailing pieces that require repeatable nailing patterns
c. Trigger multiple firings of special effects
d. Help bend nails back into shape
e. None of the above
C) trigger multiple firings of special effects
Broadway productions are best described as an example of:
a. Touring productions
b. Commercial productions
c. Stock productions
d. Regional productions
e. Community theatre productions
B) commercial productions
Which of the following would not be used to draw focus:
a. Stage position
b. Lighting
c. Costume color
d. Elevation or height
e. None, all may be used
E) None, all may be used
A feature of a stage facility that is found at the top of a theatre and supports all flown elements of a production
a. Loft
b. Grid
c. Head block
d. Lift
e. Arbor
B) Grid
Which of the following will most likely require that a special permit be issued for a production:
a. Arial flying of a performer (like in peter pan)
b. Atmospheric special effects
c. Direct interaction with an audience
d. Use of a trap
e. Pyro effects
E) Pyro effects
The person with the most artistic authority/control in a production company.
a. Director
b. Board member
c. Producer
d. Stage manager
e. Artistic director
E) Artistic director
When a theatrical drape is closed by moving across the stage (typically splitting at center) we speak of the movement as:
a. Guillotine
b. Traveling
c. Posting
d. Slipping
e. None of the above
B) traveling
In television or studio production; when a scene is shot using a white colored background that is typically white or some other light color, we say that the scene is in ____
a. Chroma key
b. Limbo
c. Cameo
d. Plain tone
e. Scrim tone
B) Limbo
Any decorative scenic panel or neutral colored drape (often black) that is used to block audience view of different areas of a stage or studio
a. Leg
b. teaser
c. Masking
d. Border
e. Cyc
C) Masking
Which of the following forms the best example of a set dressing?
a. A sofa
b. A pen and paper used by an actor
c. A wall poster
d. A book used by an actor
e. A cigarette smoked by an actor
C) a wall poster
The name given to categories of performance events that share similar characteristics and styles of production
a. Composition
b. Contextualism
c. Conceptualization
d. Genre
e. Formalism
C) conceptualization
Which of the following steps in the rehearsal process happens first?
a. Polishing rehearsals
b. Technical rehearsals
c. Previews
d. Dress rehearsals
e. Working rehearsals
E) working rehearsals
A relatively small, low-profile moving platform that is typically used to shift scenery or furniture across a stage
a. Turntable
b. Slipstage
c. Inquisition
d. Pallet
e. Batton
D) pallet
Within the structure of a drama, the point in which all of the background information that occurred prior to the start of the play is presented to the audience is known as the:
a. Denouement
b. inquisition
c. climax
d. exposition
e. inciting incident
D) Exposition
The individual who is in day-to-day charge of the costume shop:
a. Technical director
b. Costume designer
c. Wardrobe
d. Costumer
e. Props master
D) costumer
A large neutral background found on most stages that is colored with light to produce a variety of interesting scenic backgrounds
a. Drop
b. Asbestos
c. Show drop
d. Border
e. cyc
E) cyc
A principle reference line that is used for measuring distance across the width of the stage:
a. Sightline
b. Plasterline
c. Centerline
d. Set line
e. Blocking line
C) centerline
A video staging arrangement that would most likely be used for a nightly talk show
a. Area staging
b. Composite setting
c. Audience setting
d. Desk set
e. Scenic background
D) Desk set
Which type of theatrical production company typically performs several different shows over a given time period (running performances of different show each)?
a. Repertory
b. Regional
c. Commercial
d. Summer stock
e. Touring
A) Repertory
Which of the following best relates to the action and characters depicted during the actual staging of a performance
a. Story
b. Event
c. Plot
d. Episode
e. Theme
C) plot
Which brush would you chose to paint the most extreme detail with in a painting
a. 00
b. 0
c. 2
d. 6
e. 10
A) 00
Which is not true in USITT drafting standards for the entertainment industry?
a. Only uses capital block letters
b. Floorplan dimensions for a level height are indicated in both feet and inches
c. We use architectural scales
d. All dimensions are indicated in both feet and inches...even those of even feet
e. All of the above are true
B) floorplan dimensions for a level height are indicted
To make an actor appear older we apply a ____ makeup treatment
a. Corrective
b. Modeled
c. Retired
d. Ballistic
e. Aging
E) Aging
To apply a more textured makeup treatment to a performer as a means of creating a 5 oclock shadow or a ruddy/rough skin appearance you would:
a. Use a liner
b. Stipple the face with a textured sponge
c. Use a makeup brush and dry makeup
d. Apply dry makeup directly to the face with a finger
e. None of the above
B) stipple the face with a textured sponge
Which drafting instrument(s) is used primarily for drafting vertical lines?
a. Template
b. T-square
c. Triangle
d. Scale ruler
e. B and c
E) B and C
Which of the following design media generally offers the most amount of control for beginners and is good for illustrating details in artwork such as rendering
a. Colored pencils
b. Watercolors
c. Pastels
d. Gouache
e. Design markers
A) colored pencils
Which of the following statements are not true for art markers
a. They are translucent
b. They can be blended with a special marker
c. They often bleed-through the paper to what is underneath
d. They can be erased with a special marker
e. They can be applied to the back of some papers for color rendering while line work and other features of the artwork can still be done on the front of the paper
D) they can be erased with a special marker
Which of the following paint techniques will produce the smoothest, most even basecoat for a wall treatment?
a. Rag roll
b. feather duster
c. Graded wet blend
d. Spatter
e. Dry brushing
C) graded wet blend
A special ruler that is ruled in a manner that represents a variety of proportions in drafting
a. Divider
b. Scale
c. Forceps
d. Compass
e. template
B) scale
Which design element relates to the identification of 2-dimensional objects?
a. Mass
b. Shape
c. Line
d. Measure
e. contrast
B) Shape
A paint system that has all of the advantages of dry pigment without the issue of having to "cook" your binder
a. Animal glue
b. polyvinyl
c. latex
d. poster paint
e. casein
B) polyvinyl
In design, grading relates to:
a. Color matching accuracy
b. Rating the quality of paint components
c. Purity/intensity of a color
d. Gradually changing a design element
e. None of the above
D) gradually changing a design element
A paint technique that is produced by lightly dragging the brush in a given direction to produce thin lines or streaks across a surface
a. Scumble
b. Graded wash
c. Sprinkle
d. Spatter
e. Dry brush
e) dry brush
All else considered equal, which pencil will be used to produce the darkest lines:
a. 6B
b. HB
c. 4B
d. 2H
e. 3H
A) 6B
Scenic and fine art brushes are best cleaned by:
a. Cold water
b. Warm water
c. Hot water
d. Paint thinner
e. turnpetine
B) warm water
A manner/unifying plan or methodology for producing a production relates to creating ______.
a. Drafted plans
b. Design documentation
c. A concept
d. A floorplan/groundplan
e. None of the above
C) a concept
A drafting representing an overhead view of a scene design or stage.
a. Section
b. Elevation
c. Detail
d. Floorplan
e. Light plot
D) floorplan
Which scenic brush would be most effective for creating leaves on a painted backdrop
a. Scenic fitch
b. Liner
c. Priming
d. Roller
e. Basing
A) scenic fitch
Which information is not typically found in a title block
a. Scale
b. Show title
c. Name of plate (i.e., floorplan)
d. Address of theater
e. date
D) address of theater
Areas/surfaces in a drawing that suggest that they are struck directly by a light source
a. Cast shadows
b. Shadows
c. Highlights
d. Texturing
e. None of the above
C) highlights
Which media will most likely require a fixative in order to prevent damage to the art
a. Colored pencils
b. Gouache
c. Watercolors
d. Pastels
e. Markers
D) pastels
A method of gauging proportion or size when drawing distant objects
a. Overhead projector
b. Gridding
c. Sight-sizing
d. Measuring tape
e. Tripod and digital camera
C) sight-sizing
___________ relates to creating a specific time frame for a production
a. historic detailing
b. period style
c. dating a production
d. production timing
e. naturalism
B) period style
which of the following scales would be used to illustrate the largest amount of actual space on a given sheet of drafting paper
a. 3 inch
b. ¼ inch
c. 1/8 inch
d. ½ inch
e. 1 inch
C) 1/8 inch
A form of 3-dimensional makeup that you might use to create a witch's crooked nose:
a. Latex prosthetic
b. Nose putty
c. Gelatin
d. Base
e. A and b
E) A and B
Placing highlights and shadows on a performer's face to emphasize wrinkles and eye features is best done by:
a. Shadowing
b. Lining
c. Basing
d. Stippling
e. Pouncing
B) Lining
A technique for enlarging a sketch or small piece of artwork to a large drop:
a. Stenciling
b. Gridding
c. Direct measurement
d. Rendering
e. All of the above
B) gridding
As an element of design __________ relates to the 3-dimensional quality of an object
a. Mass
b. Shape
c. Texture
d. Hatching
e. Blending
A) mass
The team approach in which directors and designers work together to exchange ideas
a. Synthesis
b. Collaboration
c. Conservation
d. Conceptualization
e. Dramatization
b) collaboration