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What type of skills tends to be equally important at all levels of management?

human skills

involves managing by daily production of goods and services

operations management

groups, such as shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, governments, and local communities, on which the organization depends for long-term survival

primary stakeholders

managers can use integrity tests to

select and hire ethical employees

Frederick Taylor is famous for

creating the principles of scientific management

model that holds the only social responsibility that businesses have is to maximize profit


in external organizations environments, the ____ environment affects all organizations while the _____ environment is unique to each company.

general; specific

the _____ is the set of key values, beliefs, and attitudes shared by members of an organization.

organizational culture

_____ is a primary source of organizational culture

the company's founder

in order to change an organizational culture, top management can persuade other managers and employees to perform a new behavior in place of an older one. This technique is called_____ .

behavioral substitution

which of the following is a component of Coca-Cola's specific environment and will directly influence how it does business?


Various persons or groups with a legitimate interest in a company's actions are called _____ .


which of the following statements about the beginnings of management is true"?

management as a field of study is only about 125 years old.

in terms of environmental complexity, _____ environments have few environmental factors, whereas _____ environments have many environmental factors

Simple; Complex

Management theorist _____ is best know for his role in the Hawthorne studies.

Elton Mayo

Eastman Kodak owns a company that manufactures dental radiation equipment. the _____ for the company would be expected to develop the long-term plans needed to make the company profitable.

top manager

a company implementing a(n) _____ strategy would demonstrate the greatest willingness on the part of the company to meet or exceed society's expectations.


the first step managers use to make sense of their changing environments is _____ .

environmental scanning

after a year as a manager, new managers typically realize their job is: _____ .

people development

the _____ determined that companies can be prosecuted and punished for the illegal or unethical actions of employees even if management didn't know about the behavior.

U.S. Sentencing Commission Guidelines

Managers who train and supervise the performance of nonmanagerial employees and who are directly responsible for producing the company's products or services are categorized as _____

first-line managers

_____ is a tactic in which an advocacy group actively tries to convince consumers not to purchase a company's product or service

product boycott

creating a competitive advantage through people relies heavily on the use of which skill to reward people for providing exceptional customer service?

motivation to manage

_____ is the degree to which an organization's external environment has an abundance or scarcity of critical organizational resources

resource scarcity

A systems view of management allows managers to

deal with the complex environment in which their companies operate

what is social responsibility?

business' obligation to pursue policies, make decisions, and take actions that benefit society

Wal-Mart can be described as

buyer dependent

an accountant with _____ has the ability to create a budget, compare the budget to the actual income statement, and determine unnecessary expense

technical skill

mary parker follett believed managers typically deal with conflict in one of three ways: _____

doimation, compromise, and integration

Henri Fayol is responsible for developing

administrative management

the social responsiveness strategy that could be considered essentially a public relations approach is the _____ strategy.


the goal of scientific management is to _____

find the one best way to perform each task

which of the following management theorists believed that workers ultimately grant managers their authority?

Chester Barnard

Environmental _____ is affected by environmental complexity, change, and resources.


according to Weber, a bureaucracy _____ .

is the exercise of control on the basis of knowledge, expertise, or experience

Frank and Lillian Gilbreth are important to management because they _____ .

used motion studies to eliminate unnecessary or repetitive motions from the workplace

_____ is the process of having managers and employees perform new behaviors that are central to and symbolic of the new organizational culture a company wants to creat

behavioral addition

according to the _____ model, managements most important responsibility is long-term survival.


A manager striving to improve organizational _____ is accomplishing tasks that help achieve organizational objectives


Kodak makes digital cameras and paper for prints


According to _____ , the most effective management theory or idea depends on the kinds of problems or situations that mangers are facing at a particular time and place

the contingency approach

_____ is used to refer to a company's practice of identifying and addressing customer trends and problems after they occur.

reactive customer monitoring

the three stages or moral development identified by Kohlber are _____ .

preconventional level, cont3entional level, and postconventional level

who is responsible for the fact that most products are manufactured using standardized, interchangeable parts?

eli whitney

what are the four functions of management?

planning, organizing, leading, controlling

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