Module 3

Global burden of disease definition
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Prevention strategies for HIV?- treat mothers with ART during prenatal period - condomswhich is more prevalent - HIV or malaria?malaria (HIV is more deadly)Cure and prevention of malariaCure - antimalarials Prevention - insecticide-treated mosquito netsWhat disease is extremely small in developed countries, decreasing in developing, but still has a high DALY in Gambia?malariaWhat disease has a GBD that is increasing in both developed and developing countries, and is the leading cause of death in Africa?HIVWhich disease has a GBD that is decreasing in both developing and developed countries, with more than half of cases in southeast asia and western pacific reasons?TBWhat population is most affected by HIV?- children in AFricaWhat population is most affected by TB?India (1/4 of cases are here)What population is most affected by malaria?subsaharan africa (90% of cases and deaths)What are the populations causes of HIV?- lack of testing - limited access to drugs in rural regions - high level of stigma, especially for pregnant womenWhat are the population causes of TB?- exacerbated by malnutrition and tobacco smoking - early TB detection and drug adherence are not emphasized in India's HC systemWhat are the population causes of malaria?- Africa is an ideal climate for mosquitoes - Human immunity is relatively low in these regionsWhat is the most common nutritional disorder in the world?iron deficiencySummary of CVD medication- widely available, but expensive - could be made cheaper with generic versions - innovative research to improve access is in progressWhat % of CVD occurs in middle and low income countries?80% (due to their large populations)What is the second largest cause of death?Cancer3 drivers behind increase in cancer1. population growth 2. population aging 3. certain cancers have increased incidence rates - breast, prostate, etc.What are the four main cancer prevention strategies?1. Educate people to increase avoidance of common risk behaviors 2. Vaccinate against HPV and HBV 3. Control occupational hazards 4. Reduce exposure to sunlightFour objectives of the mental health action plan1. To strengthen effective leadership and governance for mental health 2. To provide comprehensive, integrated, and responsive mental health and social care services in community-based settings 3. To implement strategies for promotion and prevention in mental health 4. To strengthen information systems, evidence, and research for mental healthIn what category is self harm the number one cause of injury?eastern europe, malesin what category is violence the biggest cause of injury?central latin america, malesWhat is the second leading cause of death for ages 15-29suicideMillennium Summit of the United Nations in 2000- 189 member states, 23 international organizations - adopted 8 goals - MDG's - to help fight extreme poverty - in 2015, expanded to 17 sustainable development goals8 millennium development goalso Reduce people suffering from extreme poverty and hunger by half o Universal primary education o Promote gender equality and empower women o Reduce child mortality by 2/3 o Reduce maternal mortality ratio by ¾ o Halt & reverse spread of HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other diseases o Environmental sustainability - reduce proportion of people without safe drinking water and sanitation by half o A global partnership for developmentWhat are the main social determinants of health affecting people globally?- gender inequality - income gaps between riches and poorestPreventative measures for suicide (5)- Reduce with stigma - Responsible media; don't sensationalize - Limit means - Treatment for those who have attempted - Control alcohol consumptionWhat are the successes of the millennium development goals so far? (4)- Increased primary education - Increased girls attending school - Decreased extreme poor - Global under 5 mortality rate has decreasedOngoing Challenges for the SDG- gender inequality - Conflict - Climate change - Millions living in poverty/hunger without access to basic servicesInterventions for neonatal health (4)- prenatal visits - skilled birth attendance - emergency care - postnatal care