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  1. trilogy
  2. duplicate
  3. Unus <L.
  4. Centum <L.
  5. Duo <L.
  1. a to make an identical copy of something; to repeat
  2. b a group of three literary or musical works with a related theme
  3. c one
  4. d hundred
  5. e two

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  1. to destroy a large part of; to kill one in every ten
  2. a group of three officials
  3. ownership or control of anything including trade
  4. to divide into three parts
  5. a stanza or a group of four lines in poetry

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  1. bisectto divide into two equal parts


  2. decathlona stanza or a group of four lines in poetry


  3. quarteta set of four people or compositions in music


  4. monolitha design made of letters


  5. Bi <L.two