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  1. centigrade
  2. unanimous
  3. quartet
  4. Centum <L.
  5. Monos <G.
  1. a a set of four people or compositions in music
  2. b hundred
  3. c being in complete agreement
  4. d one
  5. e a tempreature scale where water freezes at 0 degrees and boils at 100 degrees

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  1. a long speech made by one person
  2. to make an identical copy of something; to repeat
  3. a group of three officials
  4. two
  5. three

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  1. trisectto divide into three parts


  2. Decem <L.two


  3. quatraina stanza or a group of four lines in poetry


  4. bicentenniala two-hundredth anniversary


  5. duplexa set of four people or compositions in music