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History 120 Final

The Massachusetts Bay Colony was geared toward educating schoolchildren; in fact, the colonists passed the "Old Deluder Satan" Act which provided for
Each town of 100 households were required to provide a teacher and a dedicated building for the education of the town's children
Pilgrims hoped to reform the Church of England from within rather than separating from it (T/F)
Was Maryland a joint stock colony? (T/F)
In 1617, John Rolfe established a pattern for southern colonies when he introduced the cultivation of this crop:
The headright system adopted in the Virginia Colony
gave 50 acres of land to anyone who would transport someone (like an indentured servant) to the colony
The Puritans believed in Calvinistic principles the are often summarized by the acronym TULIP, which stands for
Total Depravity, Unconditional Election, Limited Atonement, Irresistible Grace, and Perseverance of the Saints
In a joint stock company, investors received stock for cash, and in the event of problems, they were only limited to the amount of their investment (T/F)
This event in 1588 marked the beginning of the end of Spanish dominance in Europe and the in Americas
the defeat of the Spanish Armada
This man spoke of a liberty of conscience in which every person should be able to worship he or she saw fit; he also believed that church and state should be separate. He is
Roger Williams
In New England, the prevailing type of agriculture was
subsistence or yeoman farming
It could be argued that this was the 1st agreement for self government in America. This document was signed by 44 men as they disembarked at Plymouth
Mayflower Compact
This man first used the phrase wall of separation to describe the separation between church and state in the colonies
Roger Williams
Prior to 1763, the British policy of Salutary Neglect did not enforce the Navigation Acts on the colonies (T/F)
Indentured servants were important to the development of the 17th century Chesapeake because they
Provided relatively cheap sources of labor for cash crop enterprises
The English reintroduced horses into North America (T/F)
Which of the following are deemed possible reasons for the explosion of witchcraft accusations at Salem?
all of the above
Which of the following statements express the attitudes of beliefs of the founders of the Massachusetts Bay Colony?
all of the above
nuclear families were more common in the Southern colonies than the Northern colonies (T/F)
Columbus hear this word and believed that he had reached a westward passage and the rich palace of a great leader
The English colonization of Roanoke Island was organized by
Sir Walter Raleigh
This man's ship circumnavigated the glove proving German cartographer Martin Walsmuller correct that the New World was separate from Asia
Ferdinand Magellan
The central theme of the Puritan work Ethic is its emphasis on
hard work, thrift, and sobriety as sign of election
The Spanish colonized for a number of reasons including gaining wealth and the dissemination of culture including religion. To aid the spread of religion they sent a group of Christian missionaries known as:
This was the propaganda that the European powers used to promote that idea that Spain was killing Indians and exercising intolerance and cruelty while colonizing the New World.
Black Legend
This Puritan theologian was the leader of the first Great Awakening in New England.
Jonathan Edwards
The Pilgrims were known as Separatists because
they broke all ties with the Church of England
In the South, the majority of midwives were African-American (T/F)
This man's colony was among the best advertised in both Europe and the colonies. As a result, it was culturally diverse and religiously tolerant
William Penn
St. Augustine is the oldest continuously settled city in what is now the United States (T/F)
Aside for the famous CROATOAN discovered carved on a nearby tree, what was the other message left by the colonists of the abandoned Roanoke colony?
there was no other message
According to lecture, historian Timothy Silver in his book A New Face on the Countryside believed that this shielded Native Americans from disease prior to European settlement in North America
lack of keeping livestock in penned areas
This New York newspaper editor made a written attack on the corrupt royal governor and was arrested on the basis of seditious libel. However, after a trial, he was found not guilty.
John Peter Zenger
Which of the following was NOT involved in the Triangle Trade during the colonial period?
The phase of the enslavement process after slaves had been procured along the African coast and before they were sold in the Americas involved a long sea voyage across the Atlantic known as the __
middle passage
Anne Hutchinson's teachings threatened to undermine the spiritual authority of the established clergy because she
preached that the clergy was corrupt
This institution was the first of higher education founded in the colonies
New England society was based along patriarchal lines and early on everyone, even those not members of the church were required to pay tithes (T/F)
We spoke of many important facets of Puritan ideology (theology) that was integral to the founding of Massachusetts Bay. The idea of the ______________________ was important was it signaled an agreement between the people and God and the people and each other. Politicians still reference this idea today in their speeches.
This was the system of dividing New Amsterdam (New York) into estates
patroon system
________ (colony) was founded both as a military buffer and a philanthropic enterprise for debtors.
Which colony was viewed by its founder as a Holy Experiment?
This man founded a school to teach navigational practices and explore new technologies. His school trained many young men, including Christopher Columbus to seek new routes to the east. This man was
Price Henry of Portugal
This woman was a slave who wrote poetry and was one of America's first female poets
Phyllis Wheatley
The advent of exploration in North America by the Spanish and the permanent settlement by the Spanish, French, and English lead to the creation of boundaries or "frontiers" that historian Frederick Jackson Turner later developed into the Frontier Hypothesis that has been a theme of American history since. His theory focused on the importance of
the need for Americans to expand their boundaries and have new ones to explore
All of the following were reasons why the Europeans began to explore for a passage to the East except
the Church wished to find new raw resources to build up the power of the Church that had been so weakened during the Reformation
According to mercantilism, it is the occupation of the state to create wealth; therefore, colonies strengthen the mother country by
providing needed raw materials such as gold, silver, timber
As a result of the cultivation of tobacco in Virginia?
a scattered pattern of settlement emerged in the colony
Roger Williams of Rhode Island worked well with Native Americans to establish harmony between his colony and and them (T/F)
Richard Frethorne described indentured servitude as a terrible state of fear, disease, lack of sustenance, and death for many. In his letter what did he beg his parents for?
Money to be bought out of indentured servitude
Of the diseases, brought to North American by the Europeans, that we talked about in class, which of the following was the most deadly and emotionally impactful among the Native America
When John Marshall was Chief Justice of the Supreme Court the Court's decisions tended to strengthen the power of
the federal government
The Alien and Sedition Acts
Allowed the President to punish anyone who opposed the government or published opposition pieces that might be disrespect on the government
John Quincy Adams
wrote the text of the Monroe Doctrine
William Henry Harrison
Made his name as a national hero fighting Native Americans at the Battle of Tippicanoe
Daniel Webster
Argued on behalf of Dartmouth College when the state legislature attempted to change its charter
James Madison
Helped to secure the US capital for the Southern states by negotiating with Hamilton and Jefferson
The Louisiana Purchase was explicitly a role of the President (T/F)
This man, killed at the Boston Massacre, is often regarded as the first casualty of the American Revolution
Crispus Attucks
From all that we have studied and talked about this semester so far, for Americans and for Thomas Jefferson liberty = independence = westward movement = land (T/F)
Demonstrating a change in ideology, this President, _____________, advocated a government for the people, while _______________, advocated for government by the people
Jefferson, Jackson
Alexander Hamilton's argument that the government has the power to create a National Bank is based on which part of the Constitution?
the elastic clause
George Washington set many precedents as President and as an example of the use of the unwritten constitution was his creation of the
presidential cabinet
The Presidency of James Madison is often called the Era of Good Feelings though it suffered many problems following the War of 1812 (T/F)
Samuel Chase
Federalist judge who was impeached but not convicted nor removed from office, because of seditious speech
William Marbury
Midnight judge who lost his appointment
Henry Clay
The "Great Compromiser" and author of the American System
Henry Knox
Washington's Secretary of War
In the Treaty of Ghent that ended the War of 1812
nothing was settled beyond a restoration of the prewar status quo
At the time, many considered the War of 1812?
could be considered a second war for American independence
Thomas Jefferson arranged for the purchase of the Louisiana Territory from Napoleon Bonaparte; this act represented which interpretation of the Constitution
Loose construction
the argument of Parliament that she represented all British subjects equally no matter where they were in the world
virtual representation
the point of view that the colonists wanted a person from the colonies physically sitting in congress representing their interests
actual representation
view of the Constitution that holds that if a law is not in the Constitution then it is illegal for the federal government to do said action
strict construction
view of the Constitution that stipulates that the Constitution is a living breathing document that can be reinterpreted with changing times giving the federal government broad powers when necessary
loose construction
This Vice-President killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel and allegedly conspired to set up a separate government in the western lands
Aaron Burr
After the War of 1812, Henry Clay called for the "American System" by which he meant?
internal improvement that would make the nation self-suffiecient
Hamilton's economic plan called for
all of these answers are correct
produced the first American history textbook
John McCullough
produced the first American dictionary with American English
Daniel Webster
One of the organizers of the Sons of Liberty
Samuel Adams
defeated warrior, but revered today for his strength and passion
Chief Tecumseh
President George Washington pursued a foreign policy of neutrality during his administration primarily because he believed that
the United States needed time to gain economic and military strength
The Bill of Rights is contained in
the first Ten Amendments of the constitution
A major reason the Anti federalists opposed the ratification of the United States Constitution was because the Constitution
it lacked a bill of rights guaranteeing personal freedoms
How did President George Washington react to the conflict between France and England in 1793?
he declared the neutrality of the United States
The 3/5 Compromise provided that
a slave could be counted as 3/5 of a person for the purposes of representation
The term "logrolling" refers to
combining legislation of two parties to get a measure passed in which both sides gets something that pleases them
Which of the following does NOT describe the Louisiana Purchase of 1803?
French power expanded in the Western hemisphere
Before the election of 1800 when the electors in the electoral college voted, the candidate with the most votes was elected President and the person with the second most votes was elected Vice-President
Washington's Farewell Address warned of
partisan politics and long-term alliances with other countries
A revolution in which country made American neutrality an issue in the 1790s?
The Monroe Doctrine
warned Europe not to interfere in the Americas
In Marbury v Madison, Chief Justice John Marshall argues successfully that the Supreme Court could?
declare federal laws unconstitutional; judicial review
This President said "We are all Republicans, we are all Federalists"
Thomas Jefferson
Henry Clay's alleged shifting of electoral votes in the House to John Quincy Adams in the 1824 election in exchange for his appointment as Secretary of State
The "Corrupt Bargain"
The Battle of Saratoga resulted in
France entering the war on the side of the colonies
In the X,Y,Z Affair, X,Y, and Z stand for
The French government agents
This was the first time that the federal government asserted its supremacy over the states (Washington was President)
Whiskey rebellion
This was the death knell of the Federalist Party
The Hartford Convention and the Hartford Resolutions
This election was decide by the House of Representatives after the Electoral College ended in a tie
The Treaty of Paris in 1783 stipulated?
all of these choices are correct
The Virginia and Kentucky resolutions argues that the right to determine the constitutionality of a law passed by Congress rested in?
the States
According to the Constitution the President is chosen by
the electoral college